Your Crypto Guide From March to May
Crypto will move sideways for a while before it's big move up after May.

Your Crypto Guide From March to May

By AlucardLife | cryptoinvesting | 1 Mar 2021

We experienced a very good start to 2021, and I think the rest of 2021 will bring more of these moments. How you play from March to May, however, will determine how well you do during free money time. Here's my take on what is going to happen and what I'm going to do about it.

First, ya gotta recognize this is still a speculative market. The biggest speculators in the space remain in the United States. So if for any reason the US population has to reduce its risk curve, crypto prices (not development) will suffer. I don't think this will happen, because the US Fed is trying to maintain its situation long enough to figure out a solution for the dearth of productivity and wealth of entitlement that is the United States. Middle America is fat, lazy, and doesn't do shit. But they expect their VA benefits, unemployment, job benefits (oh, the irony) and fuckin heroin money.

At the same time, the Fed has heard the narrative that money printing is causing smart money to exit the US financial system. Saylor and Co. made them listen. That's why they took the M2 data off of their website. You can expect these international bankers to use the Biden presidency like a spill napkin. Biden will spread free money across the land, and news media will make up stories about how many jobs are being created and how well everything is.

The problem is that America is a bad investment.

You can throw as many trillions as you want at Middle America — the fact is they are useless. They will not do anything to justify that expenditure, so it's just trillions down a fuckin sinkhole. The higher minimum wage policy will speed this up. Everything will be ok for a while. The dollar will seem to gather strength. As the narrative fights with the truth, you'll see sideways shakiness in a range from March until May. Eventually, the truth will win out. When the money either dries up or too much gets printed, the math will simply be too great for any narrative. This is when we will see the next leg up in bitcoin and the crypto market as a whole.

Even if fat dumbass Americans were productive, the debt, which was created through leverage, cannot be repaid through labor. Human beings can't leverage labor except through intellectual capital. And Middle America simply hasn't been trained to do that. They're looking for retail jobs — with entitlements. Sinkhole. Gravity well.

During this sideways motion, development in crypto will continue, increasing the narrative behind intellectual capital in the blockchain space. Layer 2 and "Ethereum sidechains" will be the narrative, sharing the spotlight with "Web3", NFTs and one other thing I thought was pretty cool but can't remember right now. If Cardano or Polkadot fulfill any of their promises, they may flip Ethereum. Ethereum won't be the slam dunk everyone thinks it will, and coins from Matic, Polkadot, Cardano, Cosmos and possibly Avalanche and xDai will make their way up the rankings. Keep your eye on Bao and Wault.

At the same time, coins that aren't producing any real innovation will fall. BCH and BSV will lose ground as the market begins to decide finally on bitcoin as the way forward for store of value. As the mirage of bitcoin forks falls away, so too will the narrative of many other shitcoins that don't provide any real value. Litecoin is hanging on by a thread — I haven't decided whether it falls in the BCH/BSV category or whether it will make its way out. We'll bid a goodbye to chains like EOS and Tron as viable competitors once and for all. They'll still survive as deathcoins and USDT transfer rails, but no one will speak of them seriously again.

If YFI makes its way back into the forefront, Ethereum may have a leg to stand on with all of this $5000 talk. Otherwise, ETH will be the biggest disappointment of the next leg up. It won't hit these levels these Youtube morons are talking about unless YFI hits $100k. All else being equal, YFI should hit $100k, because its ecosystem is becoming the biggest decentralized hedge fund in the world. It's truly revolutionary and should lead the charge into the next era of defi.

To be sure — ETH will still pump because it follows bitcoin and because of the public exposure to stupid noobs that it will get from the Coinbase IPO, ETNs and the eventual ETF. Hell, these dumbass companies like Paypal are looking at Litecoin in the same way they look at Bitcoin and looking at Bitcoin Cash before they look at seminal products like Aave and Maker. Stupid, but stupid has money too.

The best ways to make money from March to May: 1. BSC yield farms. The good ones, not the trash. Anything forking Pancakeswap is garbage except for Goose. That run is over, so you'd better stick with known names that are just migrating from ETH like Value Defi. You may be able to find a gem like Wault.Finance, which is creating BSC's first launchpad a la Trustswap, but there won't be many.

2. New interoperable projects. The stuff that's just on Ethereum won't be what's hot. Otherwise good projects like Cap won't make it. The new stuff will need to work on Polkadot and Ethereum and Cardano and Matic and xDai or it won't launch on the top platforms.

3. Swing trading. Range traders who know how to scoop dips and make timely shorts will make good money here. There will be ranges that people can count on, which will make timing swings much easier than in straight bull or bear markets.

4. Getting in on good projects like The Graph at low prices. Nuff said.

The TRULY smart money will start investing in themselves as developers and businesspeople for the new digital economy. I'll be in this bunch. Much good stuff coming soon from Alucard.

The next few months won't be easy money, but it'll be pretty easy. Just stay away from scams in the comments and all of these pop up idiots shilling their can't-miss-million-dollar-bitcoin-program. Buy the dips. Good luck.

PS — DO NOT sell your bitcoin under any circumstances. There's a decent chance you may be selling to the fucking Fed.



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