Privacy coins are not anti government, stupid.

Privacy Coins Are Not Anti-Government, Dumbshit

By Jimmython | cryptoinvesting | 3 Jan 2021

I'm more than happy to take on the government FUD I know is coming with privacy coins. I have them, I use them. Suck my nuts.

I'm here to tell you one thing. Privacy coins are not anti-government. We just don't want to be governed by YOU.

The republican form of government stopped working for the United States a long time ago. Income inequality is to blame. Now instead of directly addressing your local representative, who had a direct line to the federal representative, you need to pay two or three middlemen just to have a voice. You have to go through your HOA chairman, then your city attorney, then your councilman, then the gangster they both work for, then your mayor, then your local rep, then your governor, then your college friend, then K Street, then the feds. No one can reach anyone, and there are too many palms to grease. Only people with billions can do it, so only people with billions have a voice.

At the same time, I don't reject government. I govern myself every day. When I fail in this, my family does quite a good job governing me. I can't cuss around my mom, dipshit. I don't need anybody else's fucking help for governance. Traditional government is just mad that crypto allows me to demand and enforce this rather than just ask them nicely for it.

Yea, I can demand government leave me alone now, at least financially. And that financial reach can eventually move into other freedoms over time, and traditional governments know that. With more people into DAOs than tradgov, we could eventually create our own modes of transportation and resource gathering. We wouldn't need tradgov for our water, food, electricity or to take a vacation to a beautiful remote location on the other side of the world. We could do this all when we felt like it. And that scares the old guard.

Privacy coins are the first step to this new world. I'm happy to be on the right side of history. (I just wish I was rich so I could be a more prominent part of history, but that's in God's hands.)

But anyway. If you think I'm going to accept any form of outside governance that I have the ability to shove off, then you're fucking insane. And I can't believe how much people have been brainwashed into believing they have to accept it. Like why the fuck would you ever pay taxes or agree to a tax policy on any sovereign money that you hold? It makes no sense. Fuckin tools. We've all been brainfucked into thinking we need somebody else to handle our own financial lives. It's stupid. Those of us who are willing to take that responsibility deserve a return on our investment, because we help keep the tradgov from imposing martial law and SSing the rest of you clowns.

So fuck Jerome Powell and the IMF and K-shaped recoveries and your COVID travel restrictions. We're going to find a way around or through all of that shit, and you're going to fucking like it. And investors, stack up on your Monero even if it gets delisted from centralized exchanges. ESPECIALLY if it gets delisted. That's only going to help our cause.


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