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Dash (DASH) is a cryptocurrency and decentralized autonomous organization made by Evan Duffield in 2014. It is an altcoin forked from Bitcoin that allows fast, semi-private transactions through coin-mixing and semi-private payments that are settled in under 1 second. The project was launched to address 3 problems faced by regular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin which are: privacy, governance and transaction speed. 

Initially beginning its life as XCoin and later Darkcoin, the cryptocurrency had a long history of being associated with the “Dark Web” for illicit transactions. In order to combat this, the team decided to rebrand into DASH as a representation of Digital Cash. The cryptocurrency was originally known for its 2-tiered structure that allowed for fast transactions and coin mixing. The first tier is the regular blockchain, similar to Bitcoin or Litecoin, that allows miners to mine the network using the X11 Script which is 30% more efficient than the LTC mining script.

The miners receive 45% of the block reward and help to create blocks on the DASH network. The second tier is known as the Masternode tier. These Masternodes help to process instant pay transactions, the technology that allows users to send transactions in under a second. The Masternodes also facilitate coin mixing and vote on governance proposals. To own a Masternode, the user must lock away 1000 DASH into the node to secure it and they will receive 45% of the block reward. 

Another 10% of the block reward goes to development which is allocated through the DOA through the votes of the Masternodes. This DOA allows users to vote on proposals of which direction the blockchain will head toward.

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