Lil Moon Rockets vs. Hashmasks NFTs — What is Art? Part II
Lil Moon Rockets are the Hashmasks for BSC

Lil Moon Rockets vs. Hashmasks NFTs — What is Art? Part II

By AlucardLife | cryptoinvesting | 24 Feb 2021

Right on the backs of the Binancepunks/Cryptopunks fiasco comes Lil Moon Rockets (, a nameable algorithmically generated set of vector art on the Binance Smart Chain.

[Click here if you missed the Binancepunks story.]

I wasn't around for the Hashmasks distribution, but the Lil Moon Rockets are distributing on their website using an increasing price scale thing. The later you wait to buy, the more you pay per Rocket. The lowest price was 0.05 bnb. As I write this, the current price is 0.5 bnb. The last Rocket will sell for 111 bnb. There will only be 13337 rockets printed.

The graphic on the Rocket is hidden from you until all rockets are sold, at which time you can see what you bought. I'm assuming then a secondary market will open where people will try to name their rockets the coolest thing and sell them for the most money. 

Is Lil Moon Rockets as cool as Hashmasks? I don't'll have to decide that. I will say that the same opinion I held in the Binancepunks article holds true here. There isn't as much of a kerfuffle on Twitter because the Rocket guys aren't copy/pasting Hashmasks code. I say let the idea run. We need NFTs on BSC, because doing anything on Ethereum is expensive if you're not a coddled Manhattan hipster slash cyperphunk poseur.

I believe these less expensive versions of Cryptopunks and Hashmasks bring digital art to the people they were meant to go to. Even in the digital art world, Ethereum was marketed to rich, snobby shits. Only insiders really had a chance to pick up a Cyperpunk or a Hashmask at an affordable price (or for free). It has also come out that the fags at Larvalabs, the ones who couldn't think to put their creation on BSC before someone else did it, are really just rich, coddled Manhattan hipster types who were pretending to be punks long enough to cash in on a trend. At least people have a chance with BSC, and it seems way more punk to grab an idea and bring it to the people than it is to create a market among your rich friends to "start a trend" when you're already rich.

Let me know how many Rockets you bought.



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