Defi Bank Protocols May Get Bank Charters!
You politicians are really stupid

Defi Bank Protocols May Get Bank Charters!

By AlucardLife | cryptoinvesting | 13 Jan 2021

Aaaaaaaaaaaand who gives a fuck?

The nerve of these stupid fucking regulators — believing they can actually regulate a properly decentralized protocol or fucking award it with a fucking charter.

Honestly, these regulators know that they really don't have an angle on any of these protocols if they are really decentralized, and they are trying to fool idiots into believing they have jurisdiction. Just faking it can work. Just think how many people think that Coinbase or Paypal is a viable way to onboard crypto from fiat instead of using Bisq or Cryptolocally.

So I got the story from watching an Ivan on Tech video, which I never recommend you watch. He is a fucking shill, and any of the picks he gives you will only dump after you watch the fucking video. This is a promise. Prove me wrong.

But he got this one right, and only because one of his audience members tossed him the softball. There are actually regulators in the US or the UK that think their opinion actually matters when it comes to defi banking.

First of all, if a decentralized protocol is properly deployed on the blockchain, it's outside of any national jurisdiction. International virtual fucking waters. No one country can regulate it. They can regulate their digital assets from connecting to it, but they cannot regulate the protocol itself. And there is no advantage in doing that, because you are blocking your citizens from using the most forward-thinking technology with the best financial yields. You put your businessmen behind the eight ball, you relegate your lower middle-class to poverty, and you piss off everyone below the age of 25 in your shit country — who will employ a VPN and use the shit anyway without paying you any taxes, assholes.

Go misregulate the deployment of some social program and watch as crime and unemployment continue to rise because of your garbage policymaking. We don't need you here.

Second of all, there is no second of all. I went over everything in the first point. But here's the bottom line to you regulators: Fuuuuuuuuuuuuck you. You don't matter. You haven't mattered since you promised your class free ice cream to win the junior high student body president election.

Go find something else to do. Something of value. We. Don't. Need. You. Here.



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