DevRel, the Xpring platform to manage relationships with Ripple developers, is born
DevRel, the Xpring platform to manage relationships with Ripple developers, is born

By Roberto D. | CryptoFarm | 4 Feb 2020

Xpring, Ripple's incubator, communicated with a blog post on February 1st, which intends to develop an ad hoc section on its website and a forum to manage relationships with developers; in the article published on Saturday you can read that by integrating these sections there is a desire to improve communication with developers not only through the various appointments and events organized periodically around the world but also through the publication of content and offering technical support.

In this way, as it happens in many other cases in the IT field, Xpring hopes to be able to offer, especially to less experienced users, lines of ready-made code, practical and concrete examples, exercises to hone their skills; the goal is clearly not only to support the Xpring community and allow it to grow but also to offer the essential tools for all those approaching ripple to carry out their projects from scratch.


It is therefore not simply a matter of offering support, listening to the ideas of the community and creating a virtual space for discussion, but of offering a tool that allows the community to grow, which is fundamental to allow the ripple network to continue to grow and to support the price of XRP.

Meanwhile, the price paired with the dollar seems to have found new bullish momentum and this despite, like every month, several million tokens have been released from Ripple's funds; as we have tried to explain over and over again in recent months all this controversy regarding the fact that the price of XRP would not be able to grow due to the fact that Ripple downloads millions of tokens on a monthly basis for self-financing frankly leaves the time it finds, either because the amount of tokens issued is only a very small fraction of the volumes moved monthly by this coin, and because, clearly, it would make no sense for ripple to behave like this.

If there were still further doubts about it, then just look at what has happened in recent months since every time ripple has unlocked the tokens from its accounts, the price has not only been affected but has even grown.



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