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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Tipping on Publish0x

Here is a quick summary around tipping on Publish0x. I have written this as a kind of FAQ.

How often can I tip?

You have 6 tips per day.

I have just tipped, when can I tip again?

You have to wait at least 10 minutes in between two tips. 


Can I increase the number of tips in any way?

No. There is no way to increase the number of tips per day. You have 6.

Can I tip more often tomorrow if I don't use all of my tips today?

No. Unused tips will not be preserved. As with many things in life: Use it -- or lose it.

When does a tipping day start?

A tipping day starts at 2 am central to western European time (UTC+1).
Or at 8 pm US "Eastern Standard Time" (UTC-5).
Or at 5 pm US "Pacific Standard Time" (UTC-8).

How much of my tip can I keep for myself?

Readers who decide to tip an author can freely choose between tipping 20% to the author while keeping 80% to themselvesb832f8bc1725280fbb6aeb17772cc7716abdf3de672a5e2b6c02ae94401e2df8.png

and giving 100% to the author without taking a cut for themselves.dcbd9d203f6a6efafa145adf41012d3b56e28cacf965c1fe8e6d99ec53d42920.png

Tipping 80% to the author and keeping 20% is the standard setting of the tipping box.df6d229f9db5d47ade791113ee5d39c45fdc11e5cfb7246ca900815b8fe58263.png

How much is my tip in total? 

The total tipping amount is around $0.01. for your second to sixth tip of the day.

The first tip of the day is slightly higher than that. It's amount is determined by chance. Your first tip of the day is always your highest tipping amount.

So far the official statement. However, rumor has it that the fifth and sixth tips of the day are lower than the second to fourth tips. So keep an eye out for that. 

Can I increase the total amount of the tip?

No, that is not possible. However, you could tip the same article twice (see below).

Can I choose what crypto I will tip?

No, you cannot. Which crypto is used for tipping is determined by chance. ETH has the highest probability and is about twice as probable as BAT and LRC.

Does the tipping percentage influence which crypto I am tipping/receiving?

No, which crypto is used for tipping is determined by chance. The tipping percentage has no influence on that.

How do I know which crypto I tipped?

After your tip was executed, you will see a small box stating how much you tipped.


Do I always receive the same crypto that the author receives?

Yes. When you click the "tip" button a total tip is generated and distributed to the author and to you based on the percentages that you specified. Therefore, the author and the tipper always receive the same cryptocurrency. 

Where is the crypto for tipping coming from?

The tips are sponsored by the crypto projects themselves.

And -- at least I assume that -- by the ad revenue from the banner ads that you see on the Publish0x website. (If not, please correct me and I will edit this part.)

The tip button does not work -- why?

I have encountered problems with the tip button not working occasionally. It usually happens on my Android phone. A restart has always solved the problem.

In addition, you may have to disable ad-blockers in your web browser for the tipping button to work.  

How often can I tip the same author?

After your first tip to an author, you have to wait  for one hour if you tip a different article of the same author.


How often can I tip the same article?

After your first tip, you have to wait at least 24 hours to be able to tip the same article.


Note that you can tip any article at most twice. After your second tip, there will be this message instead of a tipping box.


Do I get to make less than 6 daily tips if I tip the same author multiple times in one day?

No. Tipping the same author multiple times per day does not affect your daily amount of tips.

Can I tip my own articles if I become an author?

No. You cannot tip your own articles. The tipping bar is not shown to you when you visit your own articles.

What happens if I publish low quality articles / someone else's work as an author? 

You will loose all tips that you may have received for this article. 

What happens if I tipped an article that was super low quality / deleted for another reason (not original work by the author)? 

As far as I know, you will keep your portion of the tips. Especially if you tipped an article which was not an original work by the person who published it -- how could you have known that? It would be unreasonable to expect every reader to check every article for plagiarism before tipping. 

If you tip a very low quality article, however, I would ask you: Why did you decide to tip the article in the first place? 

Are my tips being stored? / What if there is a bug -- Will I loose my crypto? 

Every single transaction is stored in a ledger. Therefore, it is possible to reconstruct your balance even if there is some bug. Here is the info directly from one of the developers that was published on September, 8th 2020 in the official Publish0x telegram group.


To make this point clear: Even if you found a way to cheat the system (tip more than 6 times per day, for instance) and got away with it (temporarily), you could face issues in the future, because that cheating could still be discovered. All of your tips are stored. 

What -- My tips are stored in a ledger? Who has access to it? 

As far as I know, only the Publish0x developers have access to that ledger. 

Can authors see how much I tip? 

No, as far as I know, they cannot. However, in some special cases they can estimate how much you tipped. 

  • Assume that you write a comment stating that you tipped and you are the only person who has tipped that article. Then the author sees how much crypto you tipped and the author could estimate what percentage you tipped. 
  • Assume you tipped an old article, commented that you tipped and the author knew exactly how much crypto he or she had received earlier... 
  • And similar cases... 

Basically, you risk the author being able to estimate what percentage you tipped if you write a comment and the author happens to know the exact tipping amounts before your tip and after your tip. Otherwise, your tipped amount is unknown to the author. 

Do my tips influence which articles are suggested to me?

Not yet, but maybe soon. Again, from the the official Publish0x telegram group published on September, 8th 2020:


Are you new here? 

Check out this official user account reference guide to get started on Publish0x. 

Have I missed something? 

Your question has not been answered yet? Then let me know in the comments. I will add it to the FAQ.


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