Cloud Miners (BTC, ETH, DOGE)

By Davorr | Crypto by Davor | 18 Mar 2022

As you could see in part 1 and part 2 of the "Are you a crypto newb? I am." article, I have tested various ways to get into crypto. And, also, as you could have seen in Am I still a crypto newb and 5 best ways to get into crypto, I abandoned some of those.

Right now I would like to address one of the 5 ways to get into crypto - mining. Specifically, cloud mining.

I somehow prefer cloud mining as a starting option because you don't need to spend too much money, or none, you don't need to wait for your rig to get delivered and you don't need to maintain or service it. It's less noise and less heat producing.

What at-home mining will give you is probably faster rates of mining and less rejection. I say less rejection because I have come across several cloud mining websites which do not accept any more new users as they are full.

If you want to start cloud mining and check this out, I would suggest the following

SuperMining actually deserves the name it holds. This is THE fastest free BTC cloud miner I have come across. After only 2 days I am at 0.0015 BTC. I would urge everyone to at least try it.

MiningOneBitcoin isn't as fast, but they do payout probably at the lowest minimum amount.

TheFarmCoin is also not too fast, but for free BTC without straining your computer, I don't mind that.

Multimining is a bit annoying for my taste as you need to confirm the mining every hour, but I still do it, just not every hour.

MVU is a cloud miner for Ethereum, with no special speed if you're only using the free version, but still OK.

DogeMaxMining is the first cloud miner I got across that is mining DOGE. It is also at a decent speed and gives some LTC signup bonus.

Always consider how much free crypto is costing you when you're trying to get crypto with pay-to-click and similar satoshi collecting ways.


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Crypto by Davor
Crypto by Davor

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