Am I still a crypto newb?

By Davorr | Crypto by Davor | 8 Mar 2022

If you look at all the websites, apps, etc. in the articles Are you a crypto newb? I am. part 1 and part 2, you may come to one of two conclusions. And I am not even sure which one is correct.

You could either say that:

a) I am a crypto newb for trying so many uncertain things to gain some advantage.

b) I am not a crypto newb for trying them fast and coming to a conclusion that while some work, many don't really pay off.


While MinerGate does have a great program of giving free 15 mining days to new users, it seems like they really need that promotion badly. The website is slow and the supposed MinerGate xFast Miner application is very unstable. I had many issues with the app not responding after trying to activate GPU mining. And both my laptops are gaming laptops - ASUS ROG and Lenovo Legion 5. Still, they're no mining rigs and they couldn't take the load that a PC could, but this was too much and mining at this CPU-only rate there is no way I can get to 0,005 XMR for minimum withdrawal and even confirming the mined tokens. So, if this is their way of getting customers to buy into their mining, it isn't working. It feels like they haven't been working on any updates or stability for a very long time. They are still giving a pop-up message from 2019.

After this I will give up on MinerGate and dedicate more power to the CryptoTab browser, see how that works when more hash rate is allocated.

MiningOnebitcoin actually pays in Litecoin. I requested the payout almost a day after. It's very small, but it's just for proof of work. I'm still waiting to see if I will get anything.

I might also continue using MoneyMining just to see if it works and if they pay out. Like I said... Anything that isn't demanding attention and you can run in the background, I don't mind.

MoonBitcoins doesn't seem bad, but it's too focus demanding mining only for 600 seconds and logging you out way too often when you're not active as much as it wants you to be.


Free BCH and Free Litecoins are apps that work and pay out, but you don't want to spend that time watching so many ads to get 0,0001 USD.

Even though many of these may turn out to be nothing, I will still support these apps as they do not take any of your time, other than an occasional click to restart mining, mostly 24 hour cycles. If you would like to try them out, support the apps and maybe even me, then in brackets you can see referral codes, some will give you extra coins): Pi (DavorPavlic), Bee (davorr), Shib World (davor1), Dogecoin Mining (Davor), CoinX (Davor), Cloud Earning (zysxanpy), Mine Shiba (19669666), Bitcoin Miner (davor).

Pi was promising to get some value after they reach a certain number of users and just recently they have dropped their mining power, so this may be moving somewhere useful. As this app doesn't really promote any ads and such, I can see myself using it more. They did say that mining will stop eventually, so best to jump on the wagon while you still can.


Honestly, if you can, run from anything that will give you some Satoshi in hopes that you may get something out of it. It's not worth the time and I don't even want to know how much they charge for those ads to be shown on their websites and apps.

Wheels of Fortune

BC.Game will let you spin a WoF once every 24 hours for a chance of winning 1 BTC.

BetFury is another website I visit for WoF, but they will let you spin it once every 12 hours, again for a chance of 1 BTC.

SatoshiHero is another Wheel of Fortune game I use. The jackpot here is 250.000 Satoshi and you can spin every 30 minutes. Absolutely the same website as SatoshiHero is SatoshiMonster. It even uses the same logo on the WoF - SH. 

I may continue to use these 4, just because it doesn't require you to do much, I just probably won't do the rolls every 30 minutes.


I do wish that, and StormGain were available in my country.

Over the next few days I will try to shorten this list even more to up to 5 best ways to get into crypto.

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Crypto by Davor
Crypto by Davor

Some thoughts about crypto currency from the perspective of someone new to it.

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