How much is the free crypto costing you?

By Davorr | Crypto by Davor | 12 Mar 2022

Somebody says something is free and everyone jumps on the bandwagon and goes crazy for it. But is it really free?

In the case of brick and mortar stores, it's usually something like if you buy this then you get this. Well, that's not free. It's not free if there is a condition on it. And even if there's no condition, it still isn't free.

It costs very much for something you may not even use or need.

Again, in the case of stores, it costs you fuel to get there. Wear and tear of your car while using it. Cost of the regular check-up. If you're not driving, you still have shoes and other clothes that do wear and tear.

But that's not the point. We're talking crypto here.

The point is that it costs you your device. It may break faster if you strain it too much, if not break, then you may shorten your battery life. The cost of charging that device or powering your PC if it's something more demanding.

And again, not the worst.

The worst thing and the most expensive thing it costs you is your time.

Now, I'm not young enough to be young, nor old enough to be old, but I'm close to the middle (not there yet either). But certainly, one thing you will never get back is the time invested. Your crypto may fall and rise and you may lose some and then recover later, but what you are never recovering is the time you put into those 2 Satoshis. So, if you can get some passive income with some websites, cloud miners, apps I mention in one of my articles, etc... then great. But when you're dedicating your time to this, don't kid yourself, you are working. And do you want to price your time so low?

And this is when you're actually getting paid, not even taking into account how many scams out there you can find.

So, please, be careful what you choose to support and invest your time in. Whatever you do, see if affiliate options can help you to push things along. It's a pyramid scheme more or less, but to make it passive and more lucrative, it's what you need to do. I have found many sites that offer this, so invest some time and read part 1 and part 2 and be careful. I do say in the articles that I am testing these, so I am not certain if something will come out of this.

One of the projects I hope works is the CryptoTab browser, which mines as you browse. So even when you are doing what you are already spending your time on - Facebook, news, whatever... it will earn something for you.

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Crypto by Davor
Crypto by Davor

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