Are you a crypto newb? I am. (Part 2)

By Davorr | Crypto by Davor | 8 Mar 2022

If you have some spare time, maybe it would be best if you didn't read part 1 of the article, that you start from the beginning. I did do some cosmetic changes there and added one Litecoin app.

Mining will let you mine for 15 days for free with your computer (not cloud mining) if you are a new user. And that's really all that should be enough to say here. 

GwaherCoins is another pay-to-watch site, but the reason why I am putting it here is that it often directs you to mining LTC and TRX (these are 2 separate referral links and LTC doesn't seem to have any hash power from the start, but I do suggest to at least try the TRX). It's better than CoinPayU in the sense that all ads are very short, about 5 seconds, and it has more of the ads too, while CPU has some even 60 seconds long. The downside is that every view needs a Recaptcha.

I just registered here to see if and how it works. The site is MiningOneBitcoin. I can't say I trust it, it looks really suspicious, but will give it a try and see how it goes.

I actually had to recycle the CryptoTab browser from the last article, because I am so amazed by this project, that I really hope it works. I like it more than Brave, because it doesn't have its own currency, it just uses BTC, but it remains to be seen if it will earn anything. I can't use the full hash speed on my laptop, but if someone wants to try it, let's test this.


RollerCoin is a virtual mining game that pays. Here you are to get your mining power up by finishing some mini-games. Sometimes you will have a certain drop - you will get either extra power or an item, which you can use to craft some rigs. Interesting, but a bit time-consuming and you have to watch for your level not to reset. It's not hard to get the mining power up, but it can become boring as playing the same game tends to be tiring because of its repetitiveness.

CryptoMiningGame is similar to RollerCoin, only that you are not sitting in an office and it's less repetitive.

Wheels of Fortune

SatoshiHero is another Wheel of Fortune game I use. The jackpot here is 250.000 Satoshi and you can spin every 30 minutes. It's a little annoying that most of the time you get 3 Satoshi, but at least it's something to trade, the other wheels in the first part have their own site currency that is used for other games. It's not that I mind getting 3 Satoshi, but there's only one 3 on the wheel, so you just know it's rigged. I got maybe one 5 and one 7 roll.

Absolutely the same website as SatoshiHero is SatoshiMonster. It even uses the same logo on the WoF - SH. So, in case you want more chances to spin the wheel...

Pay to view, click, etc.

AirdropAlert will sometimes have some good offers, but to be fair I do very few of them. 

A good airdrop I caught (I hope, at least) was when I came across BTC6X. They were giving 10.000 BTCX (try it, it may still be active), which they say approximates to around 1.000 USD. Even though the value of the future coin has been growing, the value in USD didn't change, they are still holding it at 1.000 USD.

CoinBucks I am also new to, but it seems to be nice, it has a good design, but some offers are only for Android, some only for IOS, etc. You can filter the offers by country too. So, depending on the country you may have more or less offers to do.

These two aren't for crypto, but they will supposedly give you some money for playing games. I have some points on them that I didn't yet try to redeem. Trying to get the bigger amount. Cash 'Em All and App Flame.

An incentive to buy and sell and invite others to do so

If you want to try and earn some trade commissions, you could try the Binance affiliate program. The same goes for ByBit. When you invite a friend to Coinbase and they either buy or sell currency in value of 100 USD, you both get 10 USD.

In time I will certainly boil down these suggestions to some I think are better than others, so please be on the lookout either for that article or maybe even part 3.

As always, I welcome thoughts, suggestions, critique...

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Crypto by Davor
Crypto by Davor

Some thoughts about crypto currency from the perspective of someone new to it.

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