Are you a crypto newb? I am.

By Davorr | Crypto by Davor | 6 Mar 2022

I wanted to start a topic or a discussion about entering (late, I know) into the cryptocurrency world with no or very few investments.

I am by no means an expert, I just tried many things in a very short period of time and I know if some things work or don't work. Some I just outright didn't trust.

I guess the easiest way to get interested in crypto and enter that world is with some smartphone apps. They require very little effort, but let's face it, they don't give much in return either. Actually, nothing that makes you watch any advertisements gives much of anything.

Pay to View

A very popular website for earning by watching ads is Coinpayu. Here you will need 11.000 Satoshi in order to withdraw in BTC, but currently that means 0,000108 BTC or 4,20 USD. For Ethereum you need even more - 30.000 Satoshi, but you will get only 4,74 USD. For 1000 Satoshi, you can exchange for some other currencies, but for that you will get 0,08 USD worth of BCH.

Also worth mentioning is that to get to 1.000 Satoshi you will need 10-11 days, which means that to get to 11.000 you need around 4 months. Nobody wants to work for 4 USD for 4 months, but if you happen to not have anything to do, maybe you can accumulate something over a very long period of time.

Rolls and Wheel of Fortune is one of the websites with very little hassle and that is why I like it. You can go there every hour, click on the roll button, see what you get and go away. They also offer some chances to get those BTC multiplied, but I didn't play it yet. One good piece of advice is that once a day you exchange your rewards (not BTC, just some other points) for the Wheel of Fortune, where I usually get just 44 Satoshi, but they supposedly also have a Rolex to win and such. You can even place sports bets here, so that's an additional win (pun intended) for the sports fans.

Two other websites I also only play Wheel of Fortune, because I am just trying too many things at once so I can find faster what works and what doesn't.

BC.Game will let you spin a WoF once every 24 hours for a chance of winning 1 BTC.

BetFury is another website I visit for WoF, but they will let you spin it once every 12 hours, again for a chance of 1 BTC.


MoneyMining.Tech is another website I just started testing. It does look like it could be genuine and that you could on a free plan get maybe 1 TRX a day. Right now this isn't a lot, but we're all jumping in on some currencies like DOGE and SHIB, hoping they may become half as popular as BTC. Hell, even half as popular as ETH or BCH would be great. This website will let you use your mined currency to purchase a better plan, so that is not bad at all. You could basically just be earning for the next plan until you get to the highest one and then hopefully you could earn enough to maintain that plan and get some money too.

MoonBitcoins is a website some say is good, but I don't know that yet. It can get a bit annoying because it's a focus demanding website. You can't close the window and even changing tabs isn't really suggested. It will mine for 600 seconds and then you will have a 10-15 minutes cooldown before you can start it again. It also has hourly and daily bonuses you can claim.

Couldn't test, but come suggested

The 3 websites/apps I wasn't able to test because they aren't available for my country are: which should give you some cashback on your online purchases, even on eBay. and are the two apps. Fold also has some sort of cashback, but also some WoF things. I can't be sure, because I couldn't install it and I don't want to use a VPN and get blacklisted like with StormGain.

Android Apps

The only app that uses ads for extra spins that has paid out so far (but I'm not doing this for very long) is Free BCH. And I just installed the app from the same developer for Litecoins.

I did hear that Merge cats game is good and I only just started using Cointiply, so I can't say much about it, but it also comes recommended.

I also use several mining apps, fully aware that it might never give me anything, but it's a test run and as long as they're not doing any damage I don't mind them (in brackets you can see referral codes, some will give you extra coins): Pi (DavorPavlic), Bee (davorr), Shib World (davor1), Dogecoin Mining (Davor), CoinX (Davor), Cloud Earning (zysxanpy), Mine Shiba (19669666), Bitcoin Miner (davor).


BattleKnight seems like something interesting to follow its development. I am also on a AgeofGods waitlist.


Seems a bit funny to mention Publish0x, but if you like to write anyway, it's not bad to try and get something back for your knowledge and not only likes.


For all of these you will need some good wallets. I use several. One is the main wallet I use to purchase crypto with my card, some I use on these test sites and then transfer. Some I like are Kraken and Kraken Pro in combination, Trustee wallet and Exodus. You could also use the Maiar wallet, which has some affiliate options.


And now I even stumbled upon a CryptoTab browser, which mines as you browse. I like it more than Brave, because it doesn't have its own currency, it just uses BTC, but it remains to be seen if it will earn anything. I can't use the full hash speed on my laptop, but if someone wants to try it, let's test this.

I am really looking forward to hearing from you. Your thoughts. Did some of these help? Did you start using some? Should I stop using some? Do you have any other advice? Did I miss something or said something wrong? Please comment and let's make a good starter guide.


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Crypto by Davor
Crypto by Davor

Some thoughts about crypto currency from the perspective of someone new to it.

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