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Dogecoin (DOGE) is a cryptocurrency made by Billy Markus and Jackson Plamer in 2013. It is a decentralized blockchain network that is largely used for sending funds and tipping users.

Dogecoin initially started off as a joke in the cryptocurrency world. Markus and Palmer felt that cryptocurrency was becoming far too serious at the time, and wanted to create a fun and friendly coin that would have the potential to reach a far less ‘serious’ type of audience and possibly touch the mainstream. Over its lifetime, the Dogecoin community has grown considerably, and has long been recognized as an oldschool cornerstone of the cryptocurrency world.

Dogecoin was introduced with a Shibu Inu logo, based on a popular meme at the time. The community quickly fell in love with this and started to call themselves Shibes.

Although this project may have started as a small joke, it has now evolved into a very friendly coin, largely due to its charitable donations made by the community. As an example, in 2014 the Shibes were successful in raising around $50,000 to help send the Jamaican Bobsled Team to the Sochi Winter Olympics.

Dogecoin is similar to Bitcoin and Litecoin in the sense that it uses the PoW consensus mechanism. However, Dogecoin has a block time of 60 seconds, which leads to very fast payments. It also has an infinite supply cap which means it is an inflationary cryptocurrency. Due to these parameters, Dogecoin is often used as a tipping coin as users can easily send microtransactions on its blockchain.

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What Is Dogecoin And How to Buy It?

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What Is Dogecoin? In 2013, former IBM engineer Billy Markus and Adobe Systems worker Jackson Palmer partnered to create a new coin. They chose a small, agile, and extremely photogenic dog, used in memes and cute images since they understood that it i...

TikTok is Banning All Cryptocurrency Promotion

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China's video-sharing social media platform TikTok has prohibited influencers from promoting various ads including Virtual Currencies/Cryptocurrencies, Cryptocurrency Trading Platform, Cryptocurrency Wallets, Initial Coin Offering, Token Sale, Crypto...

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Crypto mining has been on the internet since the bitcoin era. No one knows where the terms come from but they know the basics. You get hardware and make it the power source to run the network and there, you have the money. The concept sounds simple b...

Most popular untrue opinions about crypto [part 1]

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You all have heard at least one of those, either from your family, a ranodm guy from the reddit comments or from a youtube content creators. Now we can laugh together because those opinions are ridiculous! Lets start: Bitcoin is untracable, anonymous...

How To Mine Dogecoin And Scrypt Algo

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Today we will be looking into mining the scrypt algo. However this post is not limited to Dogecoin alone. You will be able to mine other coins like Litecoin and Digibyte and many other coins. I will be showing this using ccminer for Windows and NVIDI...

One Coin to Rule Them All

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A very Happy Birthday to The Lord of the Rings! The first part of LOTR, The Fellowship of the Ring, was published on 29th July 1954. Tolkien's masterpiece was an inspiration to many of us. To celebrate this event and cheer you up we decided to rememb...

Shiba Inu vs. Dogecoin. Who is the Lead Dog of the Pack?

27 Jul 2021 7 minute read 2 comments Michael Selge

According to the quarterly report of CoinGecko, during this period, the cryptocurrency showed a colossal yield of 11,566,501%. Despite the fact that SHIB is not included in the top 5 cryptocurrencies, at the end of the quarter it surpassed DOGE. This...

Crypto update.

25 Jul 2021 1 minute read 0 comments Formermom

  So I have been buying shiba inu token(erc20), and it has very interesting story   Shiba inu coin, the fabled doge coin killer started out as a fringe $#/t coin from a mysterious twitter user named ryoshi(obvious play on satoshi). Ryoshi and his dev...

Charles Hoskinson plays the Adult in the Crypto Room

23 Jul 2021 2 minute read 0 comments CryptoTekkie

The Cryptocurrency Industry has an image problem. Scams.  Rug-pulls.  Bait and Switch.  Pump and dump.  Manipulation.  DogeCoin, SafeMoon, PornRocket ... shall I go on? Fortunately, there is one person that pushes strongly against that image and whos...