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Dogecoin (DOGE) is a cryptocurrency made by Billy Markus and Jackson Plamer in 2013. It is a decentralized blockchain network that is largely used for sending funds and tipping users.

Dogecoin initially started off as a joke in the cryptocurrency world. Markus and Palmer felt that cryptocurrency was becoming far too serious at the time, and wanted to create a fun and friendly coin that would have the potential to reach a far less ‘serious’ type of audience and possibly touch the mainstream. Over its lifetime, the Dogecoin community has grown considerably, and has long been recognized as an oldschool cornerstone of the cryptocurrency world.

Dogecoin was introduced with a Shibu Inu logo, based on a popular meme at the time. The community quickly fell in love with this and started to call themselves Shibes.

Although this project may have started as a small joke, it has now evolved into a very friendly coin, largely due to its charitable donations made by the community. As an example, in 2014 the Shibes were successful in raising around $50,000 to help send the Jamaican Bobsled Team to the Sochi Winter Olympics.

Dogecoin is similar to Bitcoin and Litecoin in the sense that it uses the PoW consensus mechanism. However, Dogecoin has a block time of 60 seconds, which leads to very fast payments. It also has an infinite supply cap which means it is an inflationary cryptocurrency. Due to these parameters, Dogecoin is often used as a tipping coin as users can easily send microtransactions on its blockchain.

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Bitcoin Etherium and Dogecoin (among several others) source codes to be preserved for 1000 years by GitHub archival program.

4 days ago 1 minute read 0 comments ManBad

GitHub has launched an archival program that sees to preserve several of the most important open-source codes on the site, bitcoin and several other cryptos being some of them. The program sees them partnering with several foundations for the project...

Cryptocurrencies, United States dollar (XRP to USD) Dogecoin

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Ripple Exchange United States dollar (XRP to USD) It helps to create synthetic assets (Synths) for monitoring the worth of physical property. People can create and help their Synths and earn cash with them, without actually being the owners of those...

Got my 11th payment with LTC Click Bot / Unlimited income

2 weeks ago 1 minute read 2 comments Etson0x

Hello everyone, 2 weeks ago i have posted an content about "Earn Crypto with "Telegram Bots" (  after that today i had my 11th payment.. I got 40 referrals so far and you would ear...

weekly dogecoin price analysis based on traders behaviour

2 weeks ago 4 minute read 1 comment quintomudigo

Dogecoin is a native coin of the dogechain network which was created mainly to reward content creators and whose transaction takes place from one dogecoin address to another without involvement of a third party thus is being considered to be decentra...

The PalmPay chain-agnostic point of sale system featured in DEX News

2 weeks ago 1 minute read 0 comments Agorise

The PalmPay cryptocurrency point of sale software featured in Bitshares DEX News  PalmPay enables any business to accept one or more cryptos at zero cost. Zero.    In the DEX News:      To learn...

Easy and cheap way to promote your reflinks or boost views on your YT chanel by telegram bot

3 weeks ago 1 minute read 0 comments TimeWaster

It will be a quick tutorial   What we gonna need is : - Telegram  - DogeCoin - Telegram Bot   If You dont have DogeCoins , you can earn them easy by this bot ;) So lets go :   We Enter the bot and click "Menu" Next step is click on "My ads"    ...

The Day I got my Dachshund puppy!

3 weeks ago 1 minute read 0 comments fa113nstar

A great moment in life! me and my wifes first dog together.  I had already had an older chiweenie, he was 16 at the time, his name is yoshi. Yoshi and I have been together since he was born, through it all for 16 years yoshi was by my side. We lived...

Price analysis 8, March Dash, Zcash and dogecoin.

4 weeks ago 1 minute read 0 comments haidernasir

Dash, Zcash and dogecoin is on a downtrend. Here a price analysis of five cryptocurrencies. Dash/USD Dash is at $80.61 at 8:14 PM GMT, with a loss of -12.81% in its price in the previous 24 hours. Dash with its 24 hours high will set its resistance l...

Price analysis 6, March Dash, Zcash and dogecoin.

4 weeks ago 1 minute read 0 comments haidernasir

Dash is on an uptrend, while Zcash and dogecoin are on a downtrend. Here a price analysis of five cryptocurrencies. Dash/USD Dash is at $91.62 at 9:29 PM GMT, with a gain of 0.171621% in its price in the previous 24 hours. Dash with its 24 hours high...

James Cullen bullish on DOGECOIN

23 Feb 2020 1 minute read 0 comments PupazzoInnevato

American director and producer James Cullen Bressack is very bullish on Dogecoin (DOGE). In a recent tweet he wrote: "I've said it before, and I'll say it again: DOGECOIN is going to reach $ 1. People will regret not buying it now. It is starting to...