Splinterlands | Silvershield Sheriff Challenge

Splinterlands | Silvershield Sheriff Challenge

By costanza | costanza | 1 Nov 2020

One of the more recent Rare reward cards is being highlighted this week in the Share Your Battle Challenge This is the Silvershield Sheriff...




The Shivershield Sheriff is one of those cards that can be included in matches that have really high mana rules. For the 9 Mana cost, it is quite average in power as there are many 5-6 mana type cards that are not too far off when it comes down to overall stats.

I have it at level 4 on my main account and plan to get it up to level 5 as I get more of these cards from daily quests and season rewards. Around 40% of these cards have been printed so there is still a while to go to earn some more. I am playing a level 2 golden foil card on my alt account and am still hoping to one day catch another one of those.




I pretty much forced this card onto the rules this week and it took a couple games to get in a win as some matches were low mana and others didn't allow the Life Splinter. Anyway, not all too much thought is going into the battles these days as most times I know in advance what I will pick after having played over 12000 battles in total since I started to play. With 42 Mana and No Melee + heavy hitters rules. Bila The Radiant was the first card that made my line-up as it suits the high mana and has the stunning ability. The Lord Arianthus is also a must as a first-place tank with rules like this combined with the Tortisian Chief for some heal. The Prismatic Energy in 2nd place has enough health and works excellent with the reflect ability. Both the Silvershield Sheriff and the Peacebringer in the back provided some good ranged damage




The match was pretty even when it comes down to the level of cards both teams had which is rare these days. It's nice to see I ended up with a clean win that kind of felt like it was at least partly due to outplaying my opponent.

Full Battle Replay

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All Splinterlands players are free to join this Weekly Challenge (regardless of your rank) and will get rewarded by the team with Upvotes on Hive. If you haven't tried out the game yet, this is a great opportunity as it allows you to earn back the 10$ Price of the Summoner's Spellbook you need to get your Hive Private Keys after creating an account, share in the game rewards, get Daily Quests, join tournaments, Earn DEC for each Ranked Win,... 


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To see what can be expected in terms of earnings from the Splinterlands game, check my monthly earnings reports. October results will be up next...


To understand what the game is about and how it can be played check the video below!

Important: Treat games in the first place as games and not as investment opportunities, Splinterlands allows you to earn some money and get good returns but you are much better off flipping burgers in Mcdonalds when looking at the money earned for the time invested.

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