Earn BAT on Coinbase Earn

Earn BAT on Coinbase Earn

By Madsen | BTCMADS | 17 Jan 2020

On Coinbase they have added a feature where you can earn 2 different cryptos by watching short videos and answering a quick question.

The way they do it, is that they tell about their crypto (OXT or Tezos) and then they will reward you by giving you 12$ worth of OXT. And the crypto you get are not locked or anything you can easily convert them to BAT which i did in my case. So its a quick way to get some nice value cryptos. 

I dont want to make it too long but i added some pictures to show the basics of how it works. and its is VERY easy to do and there is no reason to not to it because it is basically free money!

Dont waste your time go get your free BAT by doing this. i fully recommend it!


https://coinbase.com/earn/oxt/invite/yb0jghtw - and if you like the article feel free to support me by doing it through this link! hope you like it

and if you have questions or run into troubles write a comment, then i will try my best to help. Important this is not a sellout, but it would make my day if you choose to take my referral link. Im personally against people that only make these article for their own good.


Have a good day!


Pretty new to BAT and Brave browser, and im very interested about how it will do in the future


Writing about interesting news about cryptocurrency, im currently exploring the Crypto named BAT (Basic Attention Token) and i will mainly blog about BAT

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