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Hello friends.
I wanted to talk about the btc situation in this analysis. As of now, more than 90 percent of the stock exchanges are seeing that the indicators turn red. The reason for this is the power of the btc factor, ie all markets see btc as the commander .btc pioneer, btc leader, btc center, btc 🧭btc. More words to explain his leadership flow. If we look at the parity of btc, we already see that the turning point for btc in our x-channel analysis is a strong resistance for $ 10,200 and it visits this resistance to tap hard. The more power it can collect from the burner, the higher the potential for up lift. If my first target of 12400 does not face a high resistance after that, it is likely to see $ 14400 if it has gathered enough strength from the $ 10200 resistance. I wish successful purchases and sales. I hope I have become a little light for you.

THIS IS NOT AN INVESTMENT PROPOSAL. My personal opinion. If you find this useful and want more predictions. Don't forget to follow. Press Like. Share your views with us! Thank you very much for your support. Write us how you found this opportunity and the forecast in the comments.

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bniv0123 x and v canal analysis
bniv0123 x and v canal analysis

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