XLM USD BTC How durable



dear readers. What about xlm's status?
I want to explain with a joke that summarizes the current state of xlm. ......
Once a man started swimming in the sea to get to a distant place for days, said I was tired when he was about to reach his destination, and came back. This was xlm case. Of course, there are conditions in the market that force him.

for example, btc. In addition to xlm, it forces all subcoins. When to get rid of the influence of btc, if anyone knows these subcoins, they can note their comments. Although they also present excellent projects, I think it seems impossible.


THIS IS NOT AN INVESTMENT PROPOSAL. My personal opinion. If you find this useful and want more guesses. don't forget to follow. Press the Like button. Leave your feedback to us in the comments section! Thank you very much for your support. Let us know how you see this opportunity and forecast in the comments.

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