LTC USDT pitchforks analysis


Hello, Crypto traders.
I wanted to talk a little bit about LTC. LTC seems to make its investors happy after a long time. LTC and btc seem to be moving together, but we could not understand the reason why we could not see the rising rates of btc in LTC.
Readers who know the reason can write a note to their comments. However, it is a fact that LTC broke the obstacle it could not pass for a long time and started to rise, until btc made a reverse corner. As btc was thinking, LTC also started to fall, but LTC used the resistance it broke to rise, this time as a support. I felt that LTC will rise as much as eth will increase percentages, that is to say eth will follow eth as a percentage.

THIS IS NOT AN INVESTMENT PROPOSAL. My personal opinion. If you find this useful and want more guesses. don't forget to follow. Press the Like button. Leave your feedback to us in the comments section! Thank you very much for your support. Let us know how you see this opportunity and forecast in the comments.

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