weekly analysis (each bar-wax) is equivalent to a week. Stellar (XLM), like other coins, entered a stable period in stellar (xlm) against the rising btc against usd, and btc's sudden ups and downs movements.

I see it as a good situation for xlm and its followers only that xlm maintains its rising period. It is now in a critical rectangle. the downward trend on the one hand and the desire to rise on the other. If we look at Pitcfork's analysis, the two of them are stuck in a rectangle in the middle of our line. moving at the low of the uptrend, on the top of the downtrend.


Xlm came back after hitting a point of resistance 13 months ago against btc. It is struggling to go up to the points that were previously rising resistance points, now it is almost struggling to go up. The success rate in this struggle seems to be high.
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