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By M87 | Blockchain_Space | 2 Feb 2020

If you're new to Publish0x, you may try to be figuring out how to use this platform and get started on earning some tips. While it can take some time to learn since there is a lot about how the platform works, here's a tutorial to help.



  • An ERC-20 supported Ethereum wallet.
  • Facebook, Twitter, or Email account.
  • Mobile browser, Desktop/Laptop (recommended) with an internet connection

Since this is a "crypto powered blogging platform", some may think it all works all on the blockchain like some other crypto blogging platforms out there but Publish0x is its own website that rewards readers and bloggers in various crypto tokens. So they call the shots. You don't maintain any private key of your own so if you don't follow the policies in place by Publish0x then they can revoke your rewards. 

After signing up, be aware that the use of Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) is restricted on the platform so if you intend to use the platform, make sure you're not using a VPN. Also, note that if you decided to introduce someone in your household or someone else to the platform, they cannot use the same network as you. It is only 1 account per network household. Otherwise, your accounts will most likely be restricted. You may work it out by contacting [email protected].

Remember to also review the terms and conditions for Publish0x. 

First Setup

After going through the simple sign up process, you'll first want to set up your wallet and profile settings.


  • Under your username in the top right of the page (Hamburger menu on mobile) and select Settings in the menu.
  • Go to Wallets and enter your Ethereum address if you already have one. If you don't, it is recommended to use the MyCrypto wallet but other wallets that support ERC-20 tokens are to be used as well. It is highly discouraged to use an exchange wallet address and may result in loss of funds.


After setting up your wallet, you can set up your profile and other account settings. 

Now from here, you'll want to decide whether you want to be just a reader, or both a reader and a blogger. If you want to just be a reader you can skip this part and move on to the Tipping section of this post.

If you want to blog, then you'll have to apply to become an author. It's a simple quick process and you should be approved within the next 48hrs. If the approval takes longer than that, then email [email protected].


Once you're approved to be an author, you will need to make a blog first in order to begin posting.



  • Enter the name of your blog and a description.
  • Upload a blog profile image and banner.

Once your blog has been created, you can now begin to work on a post.

Blog Posting

While you may be ready and excited to get started on your post, keep in mind the Publishing Agreement. You will see this agreement right before you publish your post to the platform.


Like all blogging platforms, plagiarized content and the use of copyrighted material that you do not own will result in an account ban. 

Once you're ready with your content, you can begin.

  • Under the menu, select Write New Post.



Here you can begin on your posting with the editor. The editor is simple to figure out and currently supports YouTube, Twitter, and crypto market tracker CoinGecko.

When uploading images you can use copyright-free images from sites or upload your own original images.

Copyright-Free Image Sites:

After you begin your post, you can select your blog you want to post it under. If you created more than one blog you will see them in the dropdown selection menu. The current maximum of blogs you can have is 3, but you can request to add more by sending an email to [email protected].

Select the proper tags that are related to your content and upload a thumbnail. When citing your sources that you use for your post, you can add them at the bottom of the page or add them manually in the editor in your post.

When you type out your post, it automatically saves every few seconds but when you're done you can click the Save & Return to Overview button or Save & Preview if you have added a thumbnail.


After you are done with your edits and ready to publish your post, you can publish your post while you're in preview mode, or in your saved drafts under the Your Posts menu setting.



When you select the Publish button, it will bring up the Publishing Agreement shown earlier. Agree to the terms and select Publish once again and done! Your post has been published to the platform.

What Type of Content To Post?

You can post about any topic but since this is a "crypto powered blogging platform", a large percentage of content on Publish0x is currently on cryptocurrencies.

Here are some tips to consider when creating your posts:

  • Original Content
  • Presentation of your Content
  • Engagement with users
  • Topics
  • Use of Proper Tags

As Publish0x grows in the number of publishers, we want to keep things organized and spam-free. Instead of being one that clutters the platform with useless content, try to be part of the community and consider some of these tips.

For more tips and details:

One of the tips mentioned was engagement with users. One of the many ways to engage with other users of the platform is to share our own posts with others. While you don't want to spam your link to your post everywhere in comments and such, you can also engage and share your posts with others in the Official Publish0x Telegram channel.

Please note while it is currently allowed to share post links in the channel, try not to overdo it and spam it with your links. The channel is for engagement and general inquiries of the platform and not for support inquiries. As more users join the Telegram channel, eventually, you will need to share your post links elsewhere. Support inquiries are via Email: [email protected]


On Publish0x you get to earn rewards even if you're just a reader. The reader that tips a post can reward themselves and the author a percentage. It is up to the reader on what the percentage will be.

  • 10 minute wait period between voting on posts
  • You can only vote on the same author once every 24 hours. 
  • Maximum of 6 votes every 24 hours

These restrictions are in place to prevent spam, bots, and gaming of voting for only a few authors and allows for more tips to be spread out to others.



The current tipping model rewards in different types of tokens. It currently rewards in HYDRO, BAT, DAI Stablecoin, and Bounty0x.

Projects and tokens are able to advertise here on Publish0x through the tipping system for more exposure. Advertisers are able to set the rates per tip. 

Here's an example of the system working with 3 tokens:

  • Token 1 decides to pay out a base tip* in their token, in USD value of 7 cents.
  • Token 2 decides to pay out a base tip* in their token, in USD value of 2 cents.
  • Token 3 decides to pay out a base tip* in their token, in USD value of 1 cents.

*Base tip value: A user can make six tips per day at the moment. The first tip of the day is 3x value of the base tip, while the last two tips made in a given day are half the value of the base tip.

In this scenario:

  • There would be 70% chance that your tip is in Token 1, and when the reader makes the tip, he will have 7 cents of Token 1 to split between him and the author.
  • There would be 20% chance that the readers tip is in Token 2, where the reader would have 2 cents in Token 2 at their disposal to split between them and the author.
  • Token 3 is obviously 10% chance to be the tipping token, with the tip value being 1 cent before the reader makes the split between the author and himself.

Depending on the advertisers, the rewards are basically random. For more detailed information on how the tipping model works, read the official Publish0x blog.


The bell icon next to your username on the top right will notify you when a user you follow authors a new post, when you receive a reply on your comment, and when someone follows you.


Don't forget you also have the Email notifications in your Dashboard Settings. By default, the Email notifications are on but you can turn them off.



There is a minimum withdrawal limit as needed with how the Ethereum blockchain works with gas and fees. 


Once you have accumulated enough tokens, you can begin your withdrawal process.

Payouts happen every Monday afternoon U.K. time. 

If you requested your withdrawal late Monday night after the payouts happened, you will have to wait until the following week to receive your payout. It's safest to make your withdrawals on the weekend on Saturday or Sunday.

  • Go to your Dashboard and select Payments.
  • Select Withdraw (Reminder: Use an ERC-20 supported wallet and do not use an exchange address.)


Your withdraw button will be blue and available to select to withdraw your tokens. You will be taken to a confirmation window and make sure you have the right Ethereum address to receive your tokens.



Once you finished, you can see a log of your withdrawal request and when it is confirmed and sent.


As mentioned earlier in the guide, the recommended wallet from Publish0x is the MyCrypto wallet but you can also you MetaMask and even the one built-in to Brave Browser.

You can check out the Official Guide or one of the many other guides posted on how to withdraw your rewards.

Ambassador Program


The Ambassador program is where you have the ability to earn more with your affiliate link. Here you can get your link to share with others and view your affiliate stats.

If you run your own blog/website, there are banners and widgets available to use to increase your chance to make it on the Leaderboards where the top 10 will win prizes in BAT.







Contests are a great way to earn more rewards and engage with the Publish0x community. From time to time, the Publish0x platform will hold contests so make sure to follow the official Publish0x team member @Igort and Founder @DanBainbridge for official announcements and contests.

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