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Dan Bainbridge is the founder of Publish0x, he is an angel investor and blockchain enthusiast. www.bigbird.vc

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HYDRO Token Integrated For Tipping on Publish0x

2 weeks ago Dan Bainbridge $9.19 (5,637.2047 HYDRO)

Today we are excited to announce the integration of our 2nd token - Hydrogen Platform (HYDRO). For all of April you will receive HYDRO when you earn tips on Publish0x. This also introduces our “2 tip model”, the big tip will be HYDRO and the smaller...

CoinGecko Joins Publish0x

14 Mar 2019 Dan Bainbridge $0.15 (92.7730 HYDRO)

Hoooray! Our best news yet! CoinGecko has started blogging with Publish0x. CoinGecko will be blogging some of their platform updates, weekly crypto news summaries, giveaways, and more! Check out their first post to find out more and a link to their...

Publish0x Growth and User Stats Now LIVE!

10 Mar 2019 Dan Bainbridge $2.88 (1,775.5047 HYDRO)

Hi guys, a quick update from us, we now have some LIVE stats on the Publish0x platform growth and usage. Total earnings, tips, users, and posts created! It's all live updated daily and clickable to day, week or month! We are going in the right direct...