Publish0x Cash-out Guide

You've done it. You've earned some of this Crypto-Magical-Internet Money everyone's talking about. Will you tell your friends that you've got some of this stuff, too? How are you even going to put this thing people call money to use?

General Purpose Requirements

You will need three accounts total to cash out from Publish0x.

The first is your Publish0x account, obviously.

The second is your hot wallet, which is a digitally secured, encrypted wallet program - for Ethereum-based tokens, you can choose to use MetaMask (a Chrome browser extension), or MyCrypto. I'm using MetaMask, their wallets can also be opened in a phone app called Cipher.

As Publish0x rewards you in many different tokens, you will need to withdraw to an Ethereum wallet first; any token sent to an exchange which does not support it may result in you losing your earnings. You can use Uniswap or Bancor Network to swap your rewards from Publish0x to Ethereum as any exchange will accept Ethereum for cashing out.

ALWAYS write down the 12–24 words given to you in cryptocurrency ON PAPER. DO NOT store them digitally. Anything digital can be hacked, and your money stolen. It is very easy to steal photos from phones or apps. Refer to this post of mine for further information on securing access to your funds.

Fair Warning:
By losing access to your seed words, you're losing the ability of regaining control of your funds. There is noone you can turn to if you want to reset your password!
DO NOT give these seed words to anyone: It's like telling a total stranger your address, where to find the spare key, where you store your valuables and when you're going for a holiday trip.

Once you gain a few hundreds or even thousand dollars' worth of cryptocurrency, it is generally advised that you get a cold wallet, also known as hardware wallet. The Trezor and Ledger are generally accepted to be good.

NEVER buy from a 3rd party seller like Amazon or eBay, only DIRECTLY from the manufacturer. ALWAYS reset/wipe the wallet before putting your money on it. You can learn more about how to reset a Ledger :)

The third account you will need is with an exchange of your choice that supports fiat withdrawals. As EU-based person, Bitpanda is the fiat gateway I trust to comply closely with EU legislation, Coinbase is among the popular exchanges around the globe.

Step-by-Step Guide

First thing to keep in mind: As of writing this post (April 2019), withdrawal requests are processed every monday afternoon, UK time. If you handed in your withdrawal request on tuesday, it will take a few days to have it processed.



First things first: Hit the Settings button and go to the Wallets tab to add your Ethereum Address to Publish0x's file. It is VITAL that your address is 100% correct. This is like an email address, only that it affects your money. If it is off by 1 letter, it will not go to the right place and there is no way of returning your money (no bank to freeze your account and no bank to return a wire transfer either).


The easiest way of getting your Ethereum Address right is copying the address to clipboard from MetaMask. Cross-check if the address pasted matches the one you selected in MetaMask as there is known malware in the wild which is looking for BTC- or ETH-addresses in clipboard to replace them with the attacker's address. Upon checkout you will be asked if the Ethereum Address on file is correct, do take your time to glance at those letters and numbers if they are looking like the one you have just entered.

To get paid, return to your Dashboard and hit the Payments button.


Choose the Token you'd like to withdraw and, guess what? Hit the button labeled "Withdraw". Cross-check if the Ethereum Address displayed matches the one you want your withdrawal to be sent to, every single time you request a withdrawal. There is no safety net once the withdrawal is confirmed. Now you will have to wait for Monday night for your payment to be processed.

Coming Tuesday, the balance shown in MetaMask will be updated to reflect the payment you have received. In some occasions, you will need to add the token withdrawn to MetaMask. Hit MetaMask's Send button and move your funds to your preferred fiat gateway. Login, exchange the token received to ETH and request a withdrawal to your bank account - works like paying a bill, with the upside that you're on the receiving end today :)

Please note that any transaction within the Ethereum ecosystem requires the sending address to have at least a little amount of ETH available to pay for Gas (transaction fees).

Where do we go from here?

If you're using the money earned on Publish0x for speculating on other projects, that's fine. Eventually, you will want to put this magical internet money to real world-use. Refer to Alexander Smoljanovic's Guide on Transferring Publish0x Earnings to a Bank Account, you can skip straight to Step 5: Send Funds to Uphold.

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Niklas Spille-Scheich
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Mined some Bitcoin for fun in 2011 and hit format c: before giving that laptop away. Got triple copies of my seed words placed all over the world. Unite 3 of my closest friends to recover access to my crypto assets.

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