Cryto-like Passive Income that I found it works and pay your $500 annually - Part 2

By xuanling11 | Crypto Learning | 28 Jun 2021

It has been a while that I want to share my experience of passive income like earnings. You may want to reference my previous one here and some speculation of mobile mining here. Of course, none of these will make your rich quick and you may want to do more researches before using them. The key here is you do not want to spend any money to enter such passive income opportunity!

Here are part 2 opportunities I want to share include Coinbase Earn, CoinMarketCap Earn, Fold Spin, KuCoin Candies, CoinGecko Candies, Decrypt (DCPT), SenseChat, Presearch, Pipeflare and Swash.


Coinbase Earn



I know people hates Coinbase left and right. I have been used them since 2012 and their advantage is security! Crypto wallet is all about security! Even thought their transaction fees are seems outrageous but when gas fees hit to $60 per daily transaction, maybe 1% of your total transaction amount may seems trivial.

The cool thing is that they offer Earn program that average gives out $3 worth crypto per month. I collected them since back in 2018 and those earns have turn into more than 1,000% of profits. You need account to to able to join earn program.

You can join here or without referral code here


CoinMarketCap Earn


It is a platform to track each individual cryptos but they offer earn opportunities similar to Coinbase Earn.

Although you need Binance account and register CoinMarketCap account.

The earn program gives some of unknown but potential cryptos that you can have in your Binance account. You need to answer quiz to earn crypto but most quiz answers you can find online.

Also, you can collect diamonds to exchange certain rewards!





It is a Bitcoin debit card app or services that you use in your phone. Beside some rewards program you can also spin to earn little Satoshis daily!

You can use my referral here

Download app for iPhone and app for Android.


KuCoin Candy



You probably knew KuCoin already in Publish0x but did you know they have a reward program to collect candies daily? Although the program was ended in April 2021, I still collecting it for the future I guess.

In case you want your KuCoin account, you can use my referral code here or just simply register here.


CoinGecko Candy



CoinGecko also has candy program and you can collect daily to exchange rewards. Sometimes they offer limited edition NTFs that require candies and you may want to collect them if you can.


Decrypt (DCPT)



If you dream to reward by reading, this maybe for you! Decrypt reader token is backed by filecoin and you earn token through their mobile app.

You can download app here for iPhone and here for Android.




It is a n encrypted message app that you can earn SENSE Token rewards.

You can join here and can download app here for iPhone and here for Android.




If you do not like Google, maybe Presearch can help with? Plus, they offer you tokens.

You can join at here or simply register from their website here.




I simply use it to collect Zcash for their faucet. It is more than a faucet but I just use it to collect Zcash. Of course, there are many more to explore at here.

You can use my code here.




Similar to Brave Browser of earning attention token, you can earn swash data token run on top of Dai.

You can use my referral here.






it is an app to collect opinion but you can earn Amazon vouchers!

You can use my referral code 166905 and join with or without code here.

Download app in here for iPhone and in here for Android.


Again, it may not make you rich but it may provide some enjoyment!

Enjoy your passive income journey!


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