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By xuanling11 | Crypto Learning | 7 Jan 2021

There are many mining mobile apps around and I think it is a trending for the future that you can exchange products from your mobile mining coins.

Right now, all coins you mine is worthless but it is a potential into the future!


I list four of the apps that you can join with me to mine more coins through your phone!

Pi Network


The network launched on July 2020. Right now, they are at phase 3 to release wallet.

Here is the white paper. You can also read my previous article here and here.

No value has accessed to Pi Coin yet.

Use my invitation code: xuanling11 or simply click here:

You can download app here:

Bee Network


Similar to Pi Network. It is another mobile mining app that is just release two months ago.


What I like about is that they have target date to reach and I support their vision.

Here is the white paper.

No value has accessed to Bee Coin yet.

Use my invitation code: xuanling11 or simply click here:

You can download app here:



Midoin is only coin that you can trade for products.

There is market exist to exchange goods for Midoin coin.



Check out here:

Use my invitation code: xuanling11

You can download app here:

Initiative Q


If you think previous three are trash. Here is the most promising one.

It was developed by ex-PayPal guys and you can check out their website here.

You can read their economic model and network of payment.

No value has accessed associate to Coin yet.

You can sign up here:

Here is my invite link:

Thanks for reading and let me know anything that potential release in the future that we can anticipate together!

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