Bitcoin or Doge Coin - The Mars Currency ?!

By xuanling11 | Crypto Learning | 28 Dec 2020


Elon Musk has watched Bitcoin sometimes and he thinks Cryptocurrency can be Mars currency one day. There is even a Mars colony plan exist on the internet.

Why Dogecoin then?


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If you think $DOGE is a joke, you are right!


I want to share my opinions on why $DOGE is a joke that people will still buying it.

1. Doge is fun and no one wants to take it very seriously.

Just like Bitcoin, valuation is very hard to determine and Elon Musk loves to make fun of Bitcoin.

2. Doge is too cheap.

Currently Dogecoin is traded at $0.0046 and everyone can afford to own it, trade it and exchange it.

3. Bitcoin is value reserve coin while $DOGE can be a currency.

Bitcoin is acting as gold and it does not function as currency as I mentioned on my post. However, $DOGE can be traded as a currency and supply is unlimited!

Do you want to own some $DOGE?

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