$DOGE continue surging of 90% and Bitcoin breaks $30K

By xuanling11 | Crypto Learning | 2 Jan 2021

Is that just a internet sensation or pump and dump event?


It jumps again, it is 94% now.

$DOGE is keep surging but the question is will it be sustainable?

I mentioned $DOGE at Dec 28th, 2020, Dec 30th, 2020,  and Jan 1st, 2021.


Part of surging is caused by cryptocurrency market that Bitcoin breaks $30,000 mark at first time and continue to try to break at $33,000.


At this level, I will be a bit caution because it is overbought at the technical aspect of the Bitcoin and there will be some draw down in the coming weeks.

I will continue following the news and see how the market reacts to crypto hype.

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