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By xuanling11 | Ah moment | 31 May 2021

Today is National Autonomous Vehicle Day! Yes! Self driving is celebrated yearly on May 31st! The first autonomous “vehicle” was created by King Phraates II of Parthia who supposedly flew his magic carpet into battle to fight the enemy according to the legend.


Aladdin likely is a stolen idea from him and Mickey Mouse makes a million dollars out of it as well. Good job Disney!


Do you feel like your life is becoming more like gaming? Your feeling is likely true. Life resembles Super Mario in that you have to collect coins along the way and overcome enemies by occasionally fighting evil bosses to move to the next level! Sometimes you may be lucky to find a portal pipe that brings you to collect more coins or unfortunately drop into another unknown world where you struggle to find a way out. What then is a point to collect coins beyond earning your extra life to finish the game? I would rather say it is a process to find your happiness. If you know what makes you happy, you then will just do it to make it happen. However, life does not work exactly like it, rather you need to discover your way to find the destination. Also, most of the time the destination may not just end the path but another door to guide you into further destinations. 


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Super Mario

Magic flying carpet

Mickey Mouse


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