Bitcoin Technical Analysis 05-04-21

Bitcoin Technical Analysis 05-04-21

Technical Analysis

Bitcoins opens at $57K and goes down to around $53K and stable around $56K ~ $57K. The average transaction fee is $22.50 which is 10.84% increase from 05-03-21. As I mentioned yesterday, Bitcoin drops around $53K since All Time High has reached at $64K. My calculation on its value is $65K at some point which indicates that Bitcoin may continue correction in coming week with its strong support at $53K. If it stables around $61K ~ $62K, the next target is stable at $64K and hit $65K. You can reference my method here.Β 

I remain my floor price to $50K indicates the strong support and remain the ceiling price at $60K.

Bitcoin volatility is moving less volatile in yesterday. The market has reacted peak value at $61K but retreated to $53K which means the Bitcoin prepares for next milestone $60K at some time if continue stabling around $58K. It is fairly stable at this level around $52K. High transaction fee may continue dragging valuation. Its valuation has been offset and amount of transactions are lower than it was before.

Bitcoin decreases its correlation for GOLD that it becomes a defense position πŸ›‘οΈ. The price may fluctuate more in the coming day since Bitcoin VIX is low. There may have medium risks in the coming day as the greed level goes flat!

Bitcoin Value =Β  $50k ~ $60k and my position is Long.

Here are some highlights to support my analysis:


Current News Summary:


Most Bullish News πŸ“ˆ

Bitcoin as index listed in S&P Dow Jones

It indicates that Bitcoin price will be stable with more supporting from users.

Most Bearish News πŸ“‰

Bitcoin may face 51% attack in the future

It indicates that Bitcoin may face correction due to security issues.


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