Value Menu: My Top 5 Crypto Picks With 10x Growth Potential in 2020

Value Menu: My Top 5 Crypto Picks With 10x Growth Potential in 2020

By KeenanRIVALS | BAT Fans | 28 Aug 2019

Remember the dollar menu? Almost seems like a decade ago, right? Back then you could get a double cheeseburger, not a McDouble, but a double cheeseburger for $1. 2 patties, 2 pieces of cheese between a bun for $1! Could you imagine explaining this to your kids in a few years? That food used to be so cheap! They'll be lucky to get a beverage at that price let alone an actual sandwich in the next few years.

The only thing that would be more shocking to them is how cheap you could have picked up some of these cryptocurrencies.

"Daddy, you bought Bitcoin for $10,000?"

Below I list my dollar menu, these currencies aren't all $1, but you get the metaphor... Actually let's ditch it, let's call this the value menu, after all, that's what McDonald's did when they couldn't get the price down.

5. Elastos


I know how some people feel about Elastos, I'm almost willing to bet a few of you exited out of this post and deemed my list as "can't be taken serious" because of it, but for those of you who didn't... hear me out. When you factor in what Elastos is trying to do, it's almost hard not to throw a little money at it. And that's honestly all you have to do.

Over the last year, I think too many of us have become obsessed with owning 100,000 coins, this is likely due to the ICO bubble and all the projects that had over 10 billion tokens as their max supply. It made the idea of owning, 50 coins uncool. But let's look at the numbers, let's say you purchase 50 ELA tokens, that puts you at a $136 dollar investment at the time of writing this article (8/27/19) and you'd be buying into this token with a current market cap of less than $50,000,000.


Now let's say Elastos checks their boxes, they hit their goals, they fulfill their white paper. Let's say this project really does change the internet and has a market cap of 5 Billion (let it be known that this would be extremely undervalued if Elastos was able to accomplish what they are trying to achieve). And just for simple math and a lack of debate let's say the total supply was in circulation, so 34,824,202 ELA. That would put the price at $143 per token, multiply that by 50 and you'd be cashing in over $7,000... And this is being conservative.


4.Enjin Coin


Typically I would put Ethereum here, I might actually regret not doing that. But I'd be lying if I said I wasn't bullish on the gaming sector. I see it as the new YouTube, you know how every kid wants to be a YouTuber, yeah, it won't be long before a large chunk of them want to be gamers too. When you look at these tokens you have to think about the future, not like the next 10 years, but literally the future. These kids are born with all this tech and they get it right away. Currently, every kid is playing games on Steam, when is the last time you played on Steam? Probably never, that isn't stopping the company from being evaluated at almost $5 billion dollars... and we are only just getting started. 

Enjin is really trying to shift the way we buy and utilize digital assets, currently, we just purchase them and throw them away, but if there is a way to sell them or transfer them then, well, that creates an entirely new market. They are essentially trying to be the GameStop for the digital market, you know, without the brick and mortar challenges.


3. Basic Attention Token


Believe it or not Basic Attention Token was the coin that got me into this space. Not Bitcoin, not Ethereum, not Litecoin, but BAT. I invested in it right away, at the time it was the only crypto that had a working product and the idea just made so much sense. I'm a creative and not being paid for my time and efforts is the most frustrating thing ever. Brave solves that with Basic Attention Token. It also changes the way we view ads and the way companies distribute them. It's disrupting one market while creating a new one at the same time... talk about a hedge.

Another thing about the token that I love about the project is how visible it is. What I mean by that is you can literally see the adoption happening right before you. Just recently we saw Wikipedia become a verified creator, this type of adoption will continue to happen. Think about when ESPN signs up or Facebook, these type of announcements will only give the BAT token and the Brave Browser more credibility, it'll almost be as if these sites are partnering with the project.

Right now BAT has less than a $250 Million dollar market cap, I think that's quite undervalued, especially when you consider one advertisement deal could be worth more than that. If you'd like to get your hands on some BAT tokens then you don't even have to make an investment, simply download the Brave Browser and earn by viewing ads.


2. Bitcoin


I'm not the biggest fan of Bitcoin, simply because I can't own one... That's right, I'm being petty, but all jokes aside a lot of people feel like this, which is why the price will likely continue to rise. Bitcoin is no longer the coin that will change how we make everyday transactions, it is now Digital Gold. I'm sure you've heard this term before... Bitcoin is now going to be the currency that showcases how rich you are and trust me, the rich won't want people like you and me being apart of their group. Thus I think the price will continue to rise. And I think it will rise HIGH... I mean it has too right? If it works, if it's accepted then you'd have to think the price would be astronomical with a total supply of 21 million.

If everyone millionaire right now decides that they will store their money in Bitcoin then that alone puts the price at $2 million per, as there are a total of 42 millionaires in the world. That doesn't include you or me (no disrespect if you're a millionaire haha) and it doesn't include the Bitcoin that's been lost. 

What makes Bitcoin the most attractive thing ever is knowing its supply. Yes, gold is a great store of value, but no one is bragging about how many bullions they have in their closet. Meanwhile, they will with Bitcoin, because it promotes a certain class of people. You know if you own 21 BTC you're apart of a rare club, you can't say that with gold... not confidently. Again, I don't see BTC being this all might payment system, I'm not a true believer in the Lightning Network and I know it will likely never by me a cup of coffee, but neither will gold and that has a $7 trillion dollar market cap.


1. Nano


If you don't know what Nano is then don't worry, you're not too late. Remember that dollar menu we talked about? Yeah, that's Nano all the way. Right now it's $1 and I'm pretty sure it tastes a hell of a lot better than a double cheeseburger... at least in the long run. Nano is is a digital currency designed to provide fast transactions, zero fees and a high level of scalability. Their motto is "Do one thing and do it well" and boy have they executed on that.

It makes every other cryptocurrency look like AOL, just a few hours ago I was able to receive Nano, send it to a different wallet, return it the original sender and then back into my wallet in under a minute. 4 transactions in under a minute... Don't believe me, here's proof.

If you like the idea of crypto replacing fiat, then you should be looking no further than Nano, it's only been a few years since the project has been released and it's already years ahead of the competition. If it works, well, erase that, it already does, if it's adopted the potential could be huge. And for those of you who aren't sold, do me a favor, check out Banano, it's a fork of Nano, utilizes the same technology and it's less than a penny. This will allow you to see what Nano can do, without risking any money, basically a sample of the double cheeseburger.

Let me know what you guys think about these picks and be sure to leave your "value" crypto in the comments so readers can check it out.

I am not a financial advisor, these are simply the cryptocurrencies in which I like and the reason why. I'm currently invested in Nano, Basic Attention Token.


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