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Bitcoin vs. Gold: Which is the Better Asset?

9 hours ago 5 minute read MintDice $0.21 tipped

There has been an ongoing debate on how Bitcoin can be compared to physical gold concerning long-term asset value. Several reports have asked readers to imagine scenarios in which they could only invest in one of two commodities. On a surface level,...

Ripple XRP Platform to Begin Trading Gold, Silver

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Ripple has recently entered a partnership to launch a platform for the trade of metals such as gold, silver, platinum, rhodium, and palladium. The digital currency platform will partner with BPG Group for this endeavor. The statement reads: ”As a pre...

The Truth: Gold Beats BTC

6 days ago 2 minute read Jeffrey Allen Kaufman $0.16 tipped

In an Economic Collapse, BTC will not save you. Many times over the last few weeks, I have been caught up in some heated discussions about bitcoin and a possible global economic collapse. I have also been reading some punchy claims that BTC will be...

How to price Gold

1 week ago 3 minute read TanujPaulB $0.12 tipped

If you discuss investing in Gold with someone under the age of 30, they might make a confused face and say, ‘Isn’t that something my grandparents used to do?’ If that is the case, just show them this chart. It tracks the price of Gold starting from 2...