TK Crypto Market Upside 2023

Has Crypto hit Rock Bottom? Likely... A Few TK Favourites for 2023 and beyond

Well not quite.

Crypto Valuations will likely see a bit more of a plunge as Hodlers convert some of their holdings to fiat to pay for their budget holiday season bliss.

It's human nature.

That said, other Hodler's less inclined to spend during the holiday season have an opportunity to "Buy" long.

TK  "Favourite's list" at the moment:


Privacy Coins with decent  security tech to keep the govt talons at bay. Buy in small amounts randomly  over an extended period...

         #DERO   improving liquidity

         #MONERO  relatively liquid

         Pirate Chain #ARRR  liquidity still needs alot of work



        #COSMOS  because it has more upside than Chainlink due to it's community voting  DAO like structure



      #STELLAR  because it has more upside than SOLANA due to it's community voting  DAO like structure & DEX

      #POLKADOT because the founder is fixing the problems he discovered co-founding Ethereum


UTILITY Tokens (not much to see here)

      #BAT because the founder and his team understand the Browser Permissioned Marketing Segment the best



      #INTERNETCOMPUTER because the Indian market is REALLY large and under-served (and Filecoin's ICO handling sucked)

      #MAIDSAFE  because it's a small CAP with big upside, team is doggedly building a real SAFE NETWORK version 2 of the Internet

                              eMAID is now ERC20 and their Storage capability will go public later in 2023


Internet of Things

     #IOTA  slow to execute in 2022 on their IoT vision which is a good one, lots of upside in 2023 will be the big break thru for IOTA imo.


Peer to Peer Settlement- The Big Wildcard, Transaction Settlement without banks across borders

    #TON  Telegram's upward trajectory can't be stopped, maybe Elon Musk and Twitter add crypto payments and their own token we will see.


2023 Big Market Factors fueling a 2023 Upside in Crytpo:

Coming Bond Market Melt Down

CBDC Failures at BIS and other Countries

Gold Backed Country Currency Growth

StockMarket Continued Meltdown

US  2020 and 2022 Election Corrections

Anything's better than 2022...


TK over and out










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Breaking the Small Wind Mold- Darwind5 Circa 2012

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