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The Cosmos (ATOM) project, which conducted its ICO in 2017 and raised $17 million, launched its network in 2019, and is tackling one of the industry’s most pressing problems, which is interoperability. The platform’s token, ATOM, is intended to be used as a means to facilitate communication and interaction between independent chains.

Interoperability is one of the foremost issues in the space, given the rate at which new blockchains ecosystems are being developed. Proponents of interoperability solutions claim that adoption and usability can be enhanced if the artificial barriers imposed by the lack of interoperability can be removed. 

One of the most notable features, and key aspect in getting developers to develop interoperability solutions, is the Cosmos SDK. This lets developers easily build on top of the Cosmos network and leverage the interoperability and scalability benefits. Currently, the team is focused on releasing products for developers.

Another notable feature is its Tendermint protocol, a consensus mechanism that operates on Proof-of-Stake and which the team says features a 1 second block time that can handle up to 10,000 transactions per second.

The Cosmos network can be broken down roughly into two elements: zones and hubs. The former is where independent blockchains hold sovereignty and function as a blockchain normally would, while the latter is a space where these multiple blockchains are linked together. 

The ATOM token is primarily used for governance on the platform, while the photon tokens, recently introduced, are focused on paying for the fees on the network.

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