The Right Type of Effort

The Right Type of Effort

By Edward Casanova | Coding Journal | 2 May 2020


It isn't about controlling others when it comes to power...but making others feels in control when you are around.

You don't want to spend a lot of time at the gym or chiseling your body to put other people down.

Hell, even on famous animes such as Dragon Ball we learn that we need others in other to succeed bigger challenges.

Otherwise, we would have never been able to see the Genkidama or Goku achieving the "Ultra Instinct" without a proper mentor.

It's about giving it all without expectations and just the right intentions

Are you willing to stay the same?

  • Tell me if you're willing to stay at the same fitness level for a whole new year again
  • Tell me if you really want to see all of your friends getting a perfect body while you stay a couch potato and insecure about your personal image.
  • Tell me if your excuse to give up living a healthy lifestyle will always be "I Don't Have Enough Time To Workout or to Eat Right"

If you've answered "No" to some of the things above. Edward Casanova is here to help you succeed in what others may say it is impossible.

No sales pressure, just send me an email to and we will schedule your free 20 min call in order to maximize your chances of success.

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Edward Casanova
Edward Casanova

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Coding Journal

­čö╣Welcome To My Coding Journey ­čö╣

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