Make H20 Your First Choice When Hydrating

Make H20 Your First Choice When Hydrating

By Edward Casanova | Coding Journal | 1 Oct 2019

With plenty of options out there, one starts wondering what is the best way to replenish those minerals and liquids lost during a hard work out.

All I can tell you is that I found the answer.

The greatest discovery since the Mediterranean and the reinvention of the wheel.

Look no more, here lays the greatest and most secured secret ever.

Ready...? (Drumrolls)

Okay, that’s too much drama.

Simplicity is always the key to constant success, and plain water is the best choice.

Not coffee, BCAA’s, teas, fruit juices, etc.

Just the liquid on which most of the life on earth is based upon, and probably in the Universe.

Back in the day, I experimented with lots of beverages, some higher in glucose and others with weird flavors.

And unless you’re running a marathon or training for the next Olympics. You’re hardly likely to need any of those fancy products at your closest supplement store.

Plenty of water and you’re good to go.

Make sure to drink more if you live in a warm humid climate.

What are your thoughts about this? 

If you are an ambitious professional or entrepreneur looking to get in shape without sacrificing your professional and personal goals, check my website or shoot me an e-mail.

Have an epic one!

Edward Casanova, fitness coach at ZenFit.

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Edward Casanova
Edward Casanova

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Coding Journal

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