I'm Now More Bullish For BAT

I'm Now More Bullish For BAT

So recently Google just announced their earnings their quarterly earnings after hours and it turned out to be really bad actually one of the worst quarters they ever had and revenue was down by about a billion dollars okay it freaked out everyone they tank after hours and yesterday during normal hours they were down about 8 percent and it got CNBC talking about it.

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Now there's a couple things that I want to talk about first is to click to pay ads that hasn't been performing okay and there's a couple reasons for that one is it's just too saturated I even saw this about a month ago I don't know I don't know if they anticipated earnings could be light but do you guys notice on videos now at the beginning there's two pre-roll ads before was just one that you can wait or skip now there's two that you have to wait or skip so that's getting annoying right also just people are bombarded with ads everywhere right and people hate in that's why people start using like brave browser or a Chrome extension that that has an ad blocker and basic blocks everything because we're just having Barta with click click to pay ads so that's number one why it's down number two of which is significant they mentioned this the EU passed a new law new copyright law that's very serious that YouTube and Google is taking very serious and that is anything that's a copyright infringement right before in the past.


whoever filed that that infringement can go after the person to have uploaded the video usually it's a strike or something to ask them to take it down but if  it's like a legal copy of a movie or something you could go after them for monetary damages now that knew long you actually says that the publisher or the content creator can go after not only the person who uploaded it but also the site that that it's uploaded on which means that they can actually sue YouTube and Google okay so if a big movie maker actually comes out with the film let's say Avengers and it gets leaked they've gets put on YouTube for whatever reason right the movie studios Hollywood could go after Google for that not only the person posting it but Google itself and that's why Google is taking a really harsh steps on videos with copyright infringement and just even clips and hearing that so obviously that's gonna affect the revenue a little bit you're a but overall right how this is relate to basic intention token and BAT.

So those of you guys aren't from bat is basically trying to solve Digital advertisement through the use of their brave browser which I am using now brave browser is an excellent browser to its alternative to Chrome right created by the co-founder of Firefox Brian and Brendan Eich and he's a very capable leader also the founder of JavaScript it is a very fast lightweight browser it could do everything in blocks it blocks ads by default it also retains your privacy it does not share data with Google or anyone else ok so right off the bat the brave browser if you care about nothing else it's a great alternative to Chrome or Firefox but then they have that ad revenue and model built on top of that now the ad model that layers on top of that is interesting because this is the first time in industry okay that a user can now get paid for viewing ads.

You we being bombarded with ads and no one wants it everyone wants to block it well now you have the option to view it but you get paid for you get paid in bat tokens this is the first time in industry in an in the invention since the invention of internet that we have seen something like this okay so what does this mean that means a lot more people are probably gonna be willing to come on brave and look at ads utilizing brave browser then say chrome or any anyone else right and what does this mean for advertisers and publishers it also means that advertisers gets more results right before our advertisers would pay a ton to get ads out but if everyone's blocking it it's not very effective s advertisers now will probably flock to this ad model because they know that the users are actually viewing it right it's targeted it's direct and they're viewing it so they're probably go see more results and in terms of the publishers they also get rewarded like me as a content creator I'm a publisher right I could get tipped from the users which is great and this is something else that you can't do with any other system if you're using Chrome right and you see a good website good content crater that you want a tip because you think they're doing a good job you can't do that you could do that with basic attention token and brave all right so I think going forward right obviously it's still early Google is still one of the top three tech companies in the world so this is not this is not the start of Armageddon for them but it can be it can be the start it does show that digital advertising is not as as easy as it seemed even someone like Google could struggle right and that's where basic attention token and brave as they're getting more and more attention adoption who knows who knows if they could become the next Google okay it's quite interesting and also and me just me my thinking speculation you know what I think they're a great acquisition turn look at someone like Microsoft.

Microsoft is by market cap the world's largest tech company and world largest company in general their browser failed ever since internet explorer they have failed okay they're new they're they're their new browser is not used everyone is using Chrome okay so they're really struggling you know what they also have an ad model right with Bing ads or they call them Microsoft ads now that that is not successful they have a search engine that's not successful so overall they're losing to Google so who knows Microsoft might pick up basic attention token bat okay it'll be next to nothing for them in terms of how much money they have and how much they can offer but anything about this they're getting a very good browser right and they get an ad model or yeah they get an ad model that they can integrate they utilize and who knows that might be a perfect marriage and of course it's go help it's gonna help the cryptocurrency community and obviously BAT in a big way although a lot of you guys may not like that but who knows there might be there might there might be suitors okay there might be suitors that want to really take advantage and grab them up while they're still cheap alright guys






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