calisthenics exercises 2

calisthenics exercises 2

In this article we'll take a look at an advanced exercise of calisthenics which is widely known around the world, the muscle-up.

This exercise requires a bar to perform and combines the "pull-up"  and the  "dip" . More specifically, as we hold the bar and whole weight of our body hangs from our hands we perform abruptly a pull-up until our chest comes above the bar and just after a dynamic dip up. By dip up i mean only the movement from the bottom, that your elbows are full-bended, to the top until our elbows stretch. The perfect muscle-up is performed without any help or push by your legs but this impetus is essential when you manage to perform it for the first time, even if you can perform 2-3 ongoing reps. This exercise requires a lot of practise, sweat and determination but first of all you need to master pull-up and dips! It's a perfect way to train most of your body muscles (your legs too!) and believe me it is an addictive exercise that will not be missing from any of your workouts from the time you manage to perform your first rep.  Start from the kipping bar muscle-up or even performing jumps as a push to manage to get over the bar (that's actually the difficult part) and when you get stronger try to perform the strict bar muscle-up.


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