Blockchain and CryptoMoney, A variety of opportunities.

By derwin25 | Worldinfo | 21 Jul 2019


More than 20 years ago, when the internet made that great leap and became popular, the world was completely different from what it is now. At that time no one imagined that a company that sold books would become a great technological empire (Amazon), or that the doctoral thesis of some nerds would turn them into billionaires (Google), or that making web pages would be a very profitable career.


Let's do some statistics

Today, very similar to that time, we are in a paradigm shift. A change that is available to anyone with an Internet connection and the conviction to do something. 20 years ago, it was not so easy to participate in that technological revolution, few were the lucky ones who had a computer and that minority was still reduced if we counted those who could connect to the Internet.

At present it is different, 53% of the world population has access to the internet and 68% has a cell phone. In Latin America, this number increases to 59.6%, higher than the world average. What I want to achieve, is that being that fortunate majority, we have enough tools to grow, do something, be part of this new era of innovation.

And what does all this verbiage have to do with cryptocurrencies? Precisely that the cryptocurrencies are the generators of opportunities in this new era, more specifically the blockchain technology. Many programmers are focusing their attention on blockchain technology, being a specialist in blockchain will be one of the best paid jobs in the coming years. We have already seen what can be done with the Ethereum, Tron platform and the first products of the NEO technology are barely showing, but we still need to see what can be done in Cardano, Iota, EOS, Lisk, Komodo and so many new technologies among others that are emerging. If you do not know how to program, there are countless resources on the internet to learn, there is no excuse.


I'm not a programmer and I'm not interested

Let's admit it, programming is not for everyone (personally, I do not like doing it). However, there are also many opportunities in other areas. For example, giving me a tour of Bitcointalk and reviewing some of the new cryptocurrencies, there are many job opportunities for those interested: social network administrators, promoters, event organizers and graphic designers just to mention a few. There are youtubers of cryptocurrencies that in view of their success, are hiring personnel to help them in editing, research and even in the creative part.

As for the cryptocurrency youtubers, I have found a widespread opinion that they have a very high success compared to the quality and effort invested in their videos. That is, while a youtuber of jokes, you have to spend hours in the edition, use special effects, make animations and hire actors, a cryptocurrency youtuber only uses a microphone, records the screen of your PC while you talk and that's it. I do not mean that it is bad, on the contrary, it is so simple that you can have relatively good success with little effort. Now, if you are a cryptocurrency youtuber and you do it for the referrals, pfff! the profits can be enormous.


A revolution that is not yet consumed.

Today many projects related to cryptocurrencies are incipient and with no apparent future. This is also because these new projects are increasingly complex and have a lot of competition. But take back the example of Amazon, if 20 years ago someone had sold shares of this company in 1 penny now would be millionaires, but also the probability that they had sent the devil that opportunity is very high, "Who is going to be Rich selling books online ?, That page is very ugly and I do not understand, "was what many people said when they learned about Amazon then.

Now we have many options and the difficult thing is to choose which one will be the best. Maybe today can be Ethereum, but in one or two years it could be Tron, Stellar, EOS, NEO, Iota and stop counting. In many cases it can also be a matter of faith. Have faith in a project that may be stagnating for years but that at any moment explodes and makes billionaires to their investors. Also that small project that nobody ignored until it allied with Microsoft and now is worth billions.

"We are living a new era of opportunities, in which you can even earn a lot by doing little. But the important thing is to DO SOMETHING, actively participate in a community, support in the creation of new ideas, develop your own ideas. This is not only reduced to making money, but to build knowledge, live new experiences, meet other people and have that satisfaction of having been an active part of this historical moment. Because in a few years, when this has been consolidated, it will not be so easy".

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