What I Want in a Cryptocurrency

What I Want in a Cryptocurrency

By Thomas Wolf | wickedthewolf | 11 May 2020

There are so many types of cryptocurrencies out there right now, the altcoin world is booming and the competition is fierce.

But, rather than discuss a few tokens, the way they work, and their pros and cons; I'd rather discuss what I want from my primary cryptocurrency.

Efficient - Well, I have to say I am not in favor of Proof of Work currencies because they are energy inefficient and thus bad for the environment.  I wouldn't care if only sustainable energy was used for mining, but it's not.  I'd want a highly secure token but not at that price.

Secure - This is paramount.  I don't joke about money...  state of the art grade encryption, preferably.

Speed - This is too often overlooked.  How long does it take you to use your debit or credit card at the store, or pay in cash?  Crypto should be faster than that - nearly instant... otherwise, what the hell?  It is 2020!

Incentive - Many services already offer some, such as staking with Tezos/XTZ.  However, I feel this could be improved upon with most tokens.  I'd love to see this type of feature implemented into BAT.

Decentralized - This is a given for any like-minded person.  I want absolutely no control over my assets except those I set in place; governments have no role in handling my money especially with a shocking lack of adequate representation here in the US.

Something New - I'd prefer a revolutionary altcoin but I cannot say what that evolution would be as it is yet to happen.  But, if I had to ask for any single thing I'd ask for it to be highly universal - something you can use anywhere with little concern for volatile market prices - perhaps hard drive wallets with live price indicators, etc.  The Uphold card is the closest thing I've seen to that so far.


I just want it to be easier, better, faster, more rewarding, etc... is that so much to ask?  Lol.

What are your thoughts on "the perfect token design?"

What kind of changes or implementations would you like to see?

As always I am happy to talk in the comments and stay safe out there!

-Thomas Wolf

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Thomas Wolf
Thomas Wolf

I am a cryptocurrency advocate, a STEM undergraduate student, a nature enthusiast, a survivalist, a DIY specialist, and I'm a little crazy at times.



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