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Statera Project (STA) - Puzzle Pieces to Picture

By Thomas Wolf | Thomas Wolf's Den | 6 Aug 2020

Like any aspiring author, I was thrilled to see a new contest for Statera Project, especially after taking #5 in the previous contest for ChangeNOW, which is a DEX I absolutely love and continue to use daily.

So I say to Igor: Count me in!

I had NO IDEA the length of time and the amount of work this project had already put in, the scope of the project, and the massive yet highly supportive community this project has.  It's not a small undertaking for learning everything in a short period of time, especially as they are actively developing the project.

This DeFi learning endeavor is all for the better, though - you'll see once the pieces fall together for you as they did for me; I went in a skeptic without a clue and came out educated and pooling.

Below there is a pictorial walkthrough of the ETH to Statera (STA) using Uniswap v2 and MetaMask, though this is not the only method, exchange, or wallet you can use.  My reasoning for choosing this particular method is included throughout the article.

Additionally, I included a pictorial walkthrough of how to purchase Delta, which is comprised of 50% Ethereum and 50% Statera Token.

For the sake of current events, last night Statera Token (STA) jumped in value by 93.43% bringing the token very close to its all-time high of $0.14c USD at a current value of $0.116c USD:
Needless to say, my investment is already looking quite sound.  Discluding ETH Gas fees, my money has doubled in the first 48 hours.

I am laughing at myself for comparing this token to Stellar Lumens because, in just a few hours, Statera Token jumped over Stellar's current price of $0.10c.  I also noticed the balance-buffer as the crypto market fell beyond 10% for many top-200 tokens while it took far longer for Statera to dip to a lesser degree, only to rebound harder than any other token as of late.

Feel free to scroll down for the pictures & walkthroughs as this has a bit of a TLDR at the top!  In fact, there are a few in this article; I plan on writing a "DeFi for Dummies" style-of-article next.

Statera is a smart-contract ran on an Indexed Deflationary Token (IDT) engine that works in unison with some of the world's best cryptocurrencies in a community portfolio while emphasizing balance, which is how the token got its name - Statera is Latin for balance.

According to Statera Project's article on Medium, "the concept of an IDT is that by continuously burning a small portion of the circulating token supply and participating in an Index Fund, the IDT will realize risk-mitigation sector exposure and drive portfolio participation."

What that means in English, or for the laymen: Statera behaves opposite to the US dollar in terms of inflation.  Additionally, the token is open to adaptation and change while inviting new users to participate in their platform in a variety of ways.  These are good things because the US dollar is heavily inflated and poorly-government regulated.  One fact I took from Zeitgeist as a kid was that the Federal Reserve is no more federal than Federal Express; it's a private entity.

Statera focuses on balance with more emphasis on decentralized application support and very well may be the next big thing in DeFi (decentralized finance).

A couple recommended videos via their Telegram on Statera Project discussing the token's ecosystem:

Get Started With Statera via Statera Project; though read below on the slippage rate!:

How to Buy Different Parts of the Statera Ecosystem by GC:

I was told to use a slippage rate of 1.03%, unlike this video, which uses much higher ones per market activity at the time of recording, and it also discusses buying not only Statera Token (STA) but also other connected coins, tokens, pooling and liquidity options. The ecosystem Statera Project has assembled is of great importance due to Statera acting as "the Libra of cryptocurrencies" in finding a balance between the participating tokens within the Statera ecosystem which are: Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC), Wrapped Ethereum (WETH), Synthenix (SNX), ChainLINK (LINK), and Delta which is a 50/50 combination of ETH and STA itself.

I spent some time speaking with the folks in their Telegram channel and I was not disappointed.  Unlike Atomic Wallet's circus of a Telegram channel, they offered plenty of suggestions, alternatives, and were not hostile in any way when I ran into things I did not like; there were even other Publish0x members/authors around to help - best of luck to those who enter the contest!

Why I nearly abandoned my Statera Project investment & the contest, AT FIRST, anyways -  I'll tell you, so you know the decision was based on false pretenses:

Ethereum gas fees are at an all-time high.  Even with an adjusted slippage rate on Uniswap, I was looking at a 900%+ markup in gas fees alone to convert a tiny amount of Ethereum into STA.

By doing it the proper way, I was able to reduce the volume of the gas fees per the total transaction amount dramatically and could have done so even further on a larger budget.

The lowest I saw out of multiple options within a tiny-investment range was $3.60 USD in ETH to exchange a mere $0.40c USD value of Ethereum (ETH) into Statera.  360 / 40 = 9.  So, clearly, you do not want to be investing in STA if $4 USD in ETH gas is a problem for you.

However, I made a fatal error in thinking the gas was scaled with the token.  It isn't.

It's the same fee regardless of how much you buy; this slipped by in conversation and led to a temporary misunderstanding, but a Statera admin reached out to me quickly after my original post and clued me in.  This again shows how excellent their community/admin support is; they have a faster response time than my local police.

Helped me save face and save money all in one quick message on Telegram...  Thanks, Souvlaki!

You can find the unofficial guide written by Cryptosouvlaki as part of the Publish0x contest found here.  Souvlaki is a Statera Project Telegram admin, and he's full of useful information. At the same time, this is also a contest entry and is, therefore, my competition, so I am no longer writing this article for money, but out of the principle to finish what I started.  I feel this is information you should have, and I will do my best to explain everything else in my own words as per usual.

Maybe I'll start mining ETH just to help with the gas costs; it wouldn't be the first time.  I am incredibly excited about Ethereum 2.0, and I am ecstatic that ETH is now on Publish0x!

There is a time factor in entering a contest for authors, as well.  Publish0x authors do not get paid hourly.

Regardless of winning #1, #5 or #14, I would have made the same 10 DAI based on the rules of the last contest.  You can see how this affects the "go for gold" attitude.  However, As Igor stated in the comments below, this is not set in stone and will likely be adjusted to meet the community consensus on what is best for how to pay winners; it's a more-or-less democratic decision.

I could have made the same amount in less time in the last contest.  Good posts make $5 USD+ on their own - I had one this last week.  This type of prize scale does not inspire me to do my best work, simply to do my work better than most; although I tend to want to polish things regardless - the mind of a perfectionist is always in pain (~G-Eazy).

The phenomenon of "motivations" reminds me of that scene in Office Space where Ron Livingston tells his bosses that the current work ethic of the office is only to work just hard enough not to get fired.  As a result, he's acknowledged quickly as management material despite acting carelessly at work and pulling no-shows.  No meme - that would probably happen IRL in specific contexts.

Time spent cropping and labeling images, taking notes, and conversing with others involved in the project is money out of my pocket.  Time IS money, and I am on the clock - I'd be out fishing otherwise.

My impression of Statera Project is excellent, however, as always people must be actively cautious with cryptocurrencies no matter their popularity, age, or prospects.  This caution goes for ALL cryptocurrencies; anything invested could become forfeit.

That being said, Statera Project has been around for a while now and jumped in popularity by over 200 in token rankings last night alone, from 2,519 to 2,304 (08/07/20).  While caution is always advised, without risk, there can be no rewards, and while STA is nothing like the lottery, you cannot win if you do not play.

The FOMO behind this token could very well be real.  You could invest some extra Ethereum gas, get some STA at a really low price, and watch it sky-rocket.  I figure, why not - they have a strong community and I am always preaching about the importance of social support.  The prospects are extremely high even if you are a pump and dump kind of guy; my money has doubled itself in the first 48 hours.

There is always dumps, but I think the token will survive them due to being paired up with a sweet cocktail of other tokens which includes the two on the biggest dual-bull run crypto has ever seen: Bitcoin and Ethereum.

I ran into problems when I attempted to send a minimal amount of money in ETH to my wallet for exchange, I had not factored Ethereum having all-time high gas fees due to how well the token is doing on the market.

I considered using the initial 0.0011 ETH I put into MetaMask just to complete the exchange process, and HODL a single token as a demonstration, but that for one thing did not work, and secondly does not demonstrate nearly enough to you within the STA ecosystem.

At that ETH gas rate, given that Uniswap v2 requires you to use whole integers for STA (Whole numbers, like 1, 2, 3, instead of 1.1, 2.2, 3.3 in decimals) or the exchange will not process - information I was happy to receive via their Telegram.

I was baffled as to why my screen kept refreshing without any notification, what was happening is that I could not even buy a single token because the gas would have been more than the ETH I sent over at $0.06c+ USD per token.

Long story short, this is not an investment for people who cannot part with $4 USD worth of ETH on top of the STA token costs due to Ethereum going crazy right now.

I had to send over more Ethereum to MetaMask to make an exchange.  Now, I didn't send a lot at first - it was only for a demonstration - a transaction I ended up repeating with a larger amount of ETH to make this walkthrough possible:

As you can see, there is nothing you can even do with 0.0011 ETH on Uniswap due to the Ethereum gas fees being so ridiculously high right now.

The 1.03% slippage tolerance was recommended by their Telegram, for those who go through with this process.  The original rate was over 1,000% without modifying it in the Uniswap settings - but have no fear; their community has the answers.

One of which you may be asking is: Why 1.03%?  Well, this is a critical buffer because 1% of every STA transaction is automatically burned, and you still need some gas for the transaction. At 0.03%, it's a far cry from what I initially thought was the real price percentage-wise.

If you go through this process or any other Statera Project venture, I recommend being in their Telegram while you do it so you can ask questions!  I can not emphasize this enough; they are wonderful people who are extremely helpful!

I felt I was taking an exponential risk by paying the ETH gas fee, not reaching for exponential gains from a tiny price point.  However, there is a flip side to this: Regardless of the amount of Statera Tokens you purchase, the ETH gas fee will remain the same - similar to BNB and AWC; except with STA 1% of everything you transact is BURNED and reduces token inflation, thus driving up prices while the core of the tokens focus is on maintaining a balance between a variety of quality wrapped coins & tokens, including wrapped Bitcoin and wrapped Ethereum. An additional spin coin like CoinLINK could lead to a benefit in people waiting for market choke points, rather than a hindrance to the homeostasis of the crypto economy the project has built; true balance would be a stable-coin, in my opinion, whereas Statera offers homeostasis within a confined crypto portfolio, as opposed to a relative balance with every cryptocurrency.

For this reason, I recommend if you do invest, you should put down enough money to significantly reduce the volume of the gas fees compared to your investment output!  Otherwise, it's a rip-off due to Ethereum gas fees being through the roof lately, which is in its own way a good thing - Ethereum is performing in a flat-out amazing fashion lately.  One must not forget that STA runs, in part, on Ethereum!

I have always promised my followers honesty.  This was not the easiest project/token to review as there are a LOT of options and angles to consider, from exchanges, wallets, varying pooling & liquidity options, and possible outcomes, as well as my ETH gas fee confusion.

There is a no one size fits all recipe for exchanging this token at this moment in time.  The only constant I see with Statera Project is in community support, and that is by far the most important thing any token can have next to its functionality which is not lacking.  Even using the smallest amount of ETH gas possible, my first exchange was nearly instant.

The first attempt I made at exchanging ETH for STA sent me down a direction thinking the scaling on Ethereum gas was endless and would result in a disaster for an investment.  That was not the case, lol.

Despite my immediate reluctance and a hasty article in response to my confusion, their Telegram support is excellent, and an admin contacted me, letting me know this is not the case, to which I could not be more appreciative.  In fact, you can see all records of Statera Token (STA) trades/exchanges and their associated gas fees on this website.

Coingecko Price Chart for Statera (STA):

Now that I had the knowledge necessary not to make a terrible investment decision, it was time to obtain some STA, which starts with having some ETH.

I opted to use Uniswap v2 which is Statera Project's most suggested exchange due to it having the most activity and volume.  I was forced to opt for MetaMask today due to having a mobile phone on the fritz; however, they do support Trust Wallet, and I will be using that in the future.

The first step is going to their site and connecting it to a wallet, Uniswap v2 offers a few options but since my mobile phone is down I went with MetaMask.

However, in theory, this will work the same with all wallets except for the initial handshake between the exchange and the wallet.  Despite other wallets having a prettier user interface and a few more bells and whistles, MetaMask is quite safe and is compatible with all Publish0x-related tokens as well as Statera Project-related tokens:

Choose MetaMask for Desktop

From here, you will either link your pre-existing MetaMask account (a couple of clicks) or download the Metamask plugin for Brave/Chrome/iOS.  I did both for the sake of a pictorial walkthrough.

For those who already have MetaMask - follow the below steps, if not - continue with the next steps to get MetaMask installed:

Hit connect:


Uniswap will recognize whether your browser has an available MetaMask wallet to connect to, and if it doesn't, you will be directed to download and install it here:

You'll be directed to a Google app install page; this works on both Chrome and Brave just as well:

The install process is easy and there isn't much you'll need to do in terms of getting both Uniswap and MetaMask to recognize Statera Token (STA).

As with any decent wallet, you will be given (and tested) on a 12-word backup phrase.  You can download a text file with yours in a single click in the bottom right-hand corner:

Save Phrase

You'll need to enter the 12 words in the proper order to confirm the creation of your wallet:

Once completed, your wallet will be created.  I highly recommend you follow the tips below to secure your funds:
You'll need to activate Statera Token (STA) inside MetaMask, just as users had to do for Loopring (LRC), DAI, and Basic Attention Token (BAT) for Publish0x withdrawals in the past, click on "Add Token" and proceed:

Adding a custom token is quite simple, you click on the custom token panel and enter the token contract address which is 0xa7DE087329BFcda5639247F96140f9DAbe3DeED1 as found on Etherscan here:

Custom Token Contract

Now MetaMask recognizes STA, and it will show up in your balance after your exchange:
Now you need to connect Uniswap to your MetaMask wallet, which it will recognize.  Sometimes you need to restart your browser first:


Now simply create a passphrase and you're ready to make an exchange upon connecting the wallet with the exchange:

You'll be prompted to allow the connection via MetaMask, and asked for your passphrase:

Now that you are back to Uniswap, you need to make sure it recognizes Statera Token (STA):

Type in 0xa7DE087329BFcda5639247F96140f9DAbe3DeED1 which is the STA Contract Address which you can confirm here, click Add and click on the token and it will take you back to the exchange:
STA recognized

You will get a generic warning about ERC-20 tokens in general, which simply calls into question the lack of common sense people have in crypto; I can assure you the project & token are legit and this applies to ALL ERC-20 tokens:

Warning ERC20

From here, we are back to making our first exchange from ETH to STA; I'll quickly note hitting Max is important, but you will be modifying the swap amount via STA, and you'll want to change your Slippage Tolerance in the upper-right hand corner of Uniswap settings to 1.03% per Statera Project recommendations (08/07/2020).

The recommended slippage adjustment saved me about 10-15% in ETH gas fees & the reason for the 1.03% slippage rate (or higher) is due to STA burning 1% of every Statera Token transaction, so it's important to remember:


Now, remember how the Statera Project Telegram community/admins said to use whole numbers?  The above is inaccurate for this reason, and a safe way to go about fixing it is simple:  Make the 57.0588 STA to 56 even.

I would have gone with 57 but due to a quickly changing mid-market price point, 56 was safer:


This is how to proceed with the swap/exchange properly.  Hit swap, and you'll immediately see the exchange go to work, and MetaMask will prompt you to allow the transaction:

And that's it, folks, it only takes a moment for the exchange to process:

As you can see I am now HODL'ing just shy of 56 STA (STA market variance is quick and screenshots don't help!) at 55.44 STA with a current value of $3.45 USD:
STA in MetaMask

The exchange process took a little homework, but once I knew what I was doing, it was hassle-free and fast.  Cropping pictures is mostly to blame; this would have been far, far faster otherwise.

The modest return rate on this would still be well over anything you'd expect with another token with an optimistic return on investment of 900%, although in my AMA talks with Statera Project they claim a more moderate expectation, and even if the modest expectation falls through it will still have relatively significant gains.  That's excellent to hear and all, but I had to make up my mind for myself prior to investing, and that required some digging.

The unrealistic ROI was initially what concerned me most about Statera project, but as I say; this project is a puzzle and once you find all the pieces, put them together and see the big picture, you realize exactly what you are working with, and it wasn't so complicated to begin with... it is; however, a potential gold mine waiting to happen.

I had similar hopes for Stellar Lumens (XLM) as it has a similarly low price point, but a HODL experiment quickly led me to find I was going to be holding my breath for a long, long time before I saw any real results.  I have a far better outlook on this investment due to the pooling and liquidity options as well as the stability offered by more than one token working in unison. However, I must admit any token could skyrocket at any moment, short of a stable-coin.  I still HODL a little XLM just in case, though the last 24 hours have me moving in a new direction.

I recommended the service looks into joining ChangeNOW as they offer the lowest exchange fees (although they would still charge gas fees). I believe if this token gained easier access and more recognition with a buffered price, it would likely increase their success.

They took that suggestion under advisement and I hope the two services pair together, but they make a valid point that even with ChangeNOW - there is still ETH gas to pay.  Fair enough, but it would likely be the cheapest choice, all factors considered.  Cross-exchange support with the lowest possible price on a highly popular DEX could not hurt the recognition of the project.  Plus, I love using ChangeNOW...

It's important to note there are other ways to obtain Statera, including via credit card through certain exchanges.  Additionally, you are not limited to using Uniswap for an exchange, it's simply the most recommended.

You are also not limited to MetaMask; it was just the wallet I could use while my mobile wallets were unavailable, and may offer help to desktop-only users.

However, since I have no familiarity with any of the other said exchanges, I find it irresponsible to point you in that direction.  Statera admins and community members helped me along through this process in MetaMask - but you can use Trust Wallet as well, among others, and they will be happy to help you, too.

The reason I did not use Trust Wallet vs. MetaMask as I am sure some of you are wondering:  My mobile phone is down and the other options required a QR linking or similar 2FA to connect to Uniswap v2.

My BEST advice if you plan on investing in Statera (STA):  Go to the Statera Project Telegram and ask questions step by step; they are happy to help and are full of information, I learn something new every time I am in there.

I admire their sense of community and their helpfulness to newcomers a great deal.  That alone made me change my mind and put some money into this after I ran into some confusion that had me running in the opposite direction.  Overall, I feel as if the gas was my entry fee to the Statera community, not so much to the token itself.

Otherwise, it would be like blaming my car manufacturer who already has a great gas mileage rate for the price of gasoline.

I hope that speaks loudly as to how quickly my mind can be changed if the people changing it know what they are doing and are not pricks about it!  I guess you do catch more bees with honey.

Atomic Wallet failed on that count, hard.  Where AW Failed, Statera Project, and their active community beyond succeeded.  Turned me from a critic into a HODL'er right-quick... something that has never happened with any token and myself before.  I happily emptied AW (Minus the tokens they keep stuck in your wallet permanently, worse than other wallets) and sold off all my AWC.  I cannot wait to watch them further embarrass Binance.

One of the AW admins even called my mother fat in Telegram because I said liking the wallet wasn't a good enough reason to invest in 100 AWC.  I said I was recording the Telegram and he quickly deleted his and a bunch of other people's comments.  Lol... some real pieces of work over there!

Luckily, Statera and AW have virtually nothing in common; in fact, Statera is the first cryptocurrency of its kind!

You can easily see how I'd say hell no to a 900% Markup via ETH gas fees on a small transaction, but my calculations were wrong for not factoring a larger purchase; hindsight is 20/20, lol.

The more you buy, the less the gas matters.  I used what was leftover in my Coinbase wallet and seeing double my money in the first 48 hours has me wishing I'd have put more down right away.

The Statera Project has come up with a return on investment (ROI) calculator so you can track your profits, which can be found via Google docs at this link.  This is an excellent incentive, and I'll definitely be using it, but I'd rather show you their explanations of liquidity pools and their benefits contained within:

What are Liquidity Pools?

In a liquidity pool you put in cryptos in a balanced amount: for Delta 50/50 ETH/STA, for Phoenix 40/30/10/10/10 Delta/wETH/wBTC/LINK/SNX. The pool keeps all the cryptos balanced in these ratios. The pool then uses your cryptos to facilitate trades and swaps of the tokens on exchanges; if LINK goes up and you need to sell it to buy ETH and rebalance your pool, the pool looks for someone trying to swap LINK for ETH, it sells them your LINK and gives you the ETH (the example is overly simplified, but it is the basics of what is happening). When your pool is used for this you also get paid a fee (.3% on Uniswap, 1% on Balancer). By putting your crypto in a liquidity pool you are becoming the exchange, that .05% that usually goes to Coinbase or Binance, now goes to you for providing liquidity. This is decentralized finance at it's finest.

What is the Benefit of STA in Liquidity Pools?

STA is a deflationary token pegged to multiple cryptocurrencies. Through the Delta token, it is securely linked to multiple Balancer Pools (liquidity pools). Statera's small market-cap, deflationary mechanism, and ecosystem all make for more arbitrage and trades to happen. This increases volume and, in turn, increases fees paid to you. Every fee you get paid is a transaction you facilitated. STA has a symbiotic relationship with the ecosystem, it provides for more trades to happen (causing tighter spreads and less slippage for exchange users, making the exchange run more efficiently) and gets paid more fees for doing so.

This is also just the beginning of Statera, we are using Index Funds (Liquidity Pools) to show the value of sound monetary policy in finances, but we plan on spreading STA to any and all financial instruments, showing the power of sound monetary policy in any financial ecosystem. This future adds to the value of STA.

Cited Q/A's from Statera Profit Calculator verbatim.

How to Pool Statera:

First, it's important to know there are multiple pooling options with varying degrees of risk and return on investment percentages.

You can pool Statera Token alone, pool with a 50/50 amount of STA and ETH which is known as Delta, and pool with all five of the participating cryptocurrencies using the Phoenix pool.

Balancing pools offer added security in buffing the price of your invested tokens while improving returns through adding liquidity.  I recommend starting by purchasing and pooling Delta directly as this can be added to a Phoenix pool later on, and the current Ethereum gas fees outweigh the ideal prices to exchange Ethereum and Statera for Delta.

In order to use your Ethereum to pool Phoenix, it needs to be "wrapped."

According to an article titled "Wrapped Crypto Tokens, Explained" I found on Cointelegraph by Nikolai Kuznetsov "A wrapped token is an ERC-20 token that is hosted on the Ethereum blockchain with a price the same or similar to another asset such as Bitcoin without having to be on a blockchain, or they may opt to be on a different blockchain entirely."

This "wrapping system" allows the wrapped token to function freely within decentralized applications or DApps as they are commonly referred too & they are vastly growing in popularity within DeFi (decentralized finance).  The use of a DApp is demonstrated in one of the above YouTube videos, but since I opted to pool with Delta, it does not apply to me, not yet anyways. However, Delta can always be moved into the Phoenix balancer pool later on.

How to Pool Delta Token (50% STA, 50% ETH):

Assuming you have made it this far and are holding some ETH and STA, you may want to add some liquidity in order to receive pooling benefits.

I found the cheapest & easiest way to do this was to buy some Delta outright using more ETH I sent to MetaMask along with the STA already in MetaMask, following this link will take you to Uniswap v2's page for swapping ETH/STA for Delta.

You'll need to make sure your pair is lined up as ETH and STA for it to recognize the pool you want to add liquidity too; in this case Delta.  You can optionally add it manually by using the token contract ID, but if you followed my above guide you'll already have Statera (STA) recognized in your options.

I went with 15 STA so it wouldn't hit my wallet too hard with Ethereum fees, max would have left me short on ETH:

After hitting Supply, you'll receive a confirmation window which will show you what you are depositing in ETH and STA in return for Delta (0.0971526) in this case, granting me a small share of the pool (temporarily until I put more Delta into the pool) at 0.0003809%:

After hitting Confirm Supply you will need to confirm the transaction in MetaMask; and yes, gas fees suck right now:

The exchange process quickly goes to work and you'll find your recent transactions in the top-right hand corner:
Delta transactions

In the future you'll be prompted to add more liquidity while displaying your current pool status:
Delta Conf1

And this is what it will look like:

All transactions can be confirmed on Etherscan, UniswapInfo, and Ethplorer.

I am now holding and pooling STA and Delta simultaneously.  In the future, I plan to do a walkthrough on the Phoenix pool and the balancer, while addressing HODL and pooling profits and losses with Delta.  After that, I'll likely compare Delta to Phoenix.

I hope this article was, if nothing else, highly informational.

Stay healthy & stay safe.

Questions & comments are always welcome.

-Thomas Wolf

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