Coinpot's New Offerwall Function - WAY More Profits!
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Coinpot's New Offerwall Function - WAY More Profits!

By Thomas Wolf | wickedthewolf | 18 Mar 2020

MoonBitcoin just implemented an additional way to add to your daily claims at a level as high as max referrals all under your control, and that isn't even the best part!  They now have a Wannads offerwall including TheoremReach & YourSurveys surveys and app installs that pays directly to your Coinpot account & for every type of offer you complete, they add 5% to your "Offers" boost up to 100%, so 20 offers = 100% Offers boost which is equivalent to having 100 active referrals.

Look below to see how just a few surveys can put you up to the withdrawal minimum at Coinpot!

I checked it out, it works - though I'll note the surveys were mostly eaten and it's still in beta:
CP Proof
I had/have 100% loyalty on all faucets except this one, apparently around 49 days ago this one fooled me.

Update 1:

I went from 884 Satoshi from the first claim with a small video ad offer, to a YourSurveys survey which was actually on a really good upcoming comedy.  That sent me directly to 3,315 Satoshi with a 10% offer bonus.  At this rate, I can reach the withdrawal minimum multiple times per day at Coinpot without breaking a sweat.  I will update as I do more surveys and show you what kind of claims, profits, and cash-out times you are looking at...but I can already tell you it's a big improvement!
Proof of work CP Bitcoin Moon Faucet

Update 2:

I found the one downside Coinpot has implemented:  A holding period of "up to" 10 days before they can be withdrawn.  Your faucet claims remain withdraw-able at any time, including the gains from the offer bonus, however.  I will let you know how long they actually decide to hold the funds in a future update.
The one waiting downside

I'd rather do surveys but they even have mobile offers on the new offerwall among other things:
MoonBitcoin Offerwall
So, now you get 5% boosts per offer (including easy ones - I did a quick one to test with instant payment) AND you get the payout from the offer itself sent to your Coinpot account.  This is a very small claim because I had just claimed moments prior when I noticed the offer bonus.

Doge *used to be* the highest earning of all 7 faucets for some reason, now it's #2!
Doge 100 Loyalty
One can see how the offer bonus will quickly be superior to the referral bonus when compared to Doge claims!

I also wanted to include some very basic information on how to get the most out of your Coinpot faucets.

1) Every claim you make from ALL SEVEN FAUCETS credits your account 3 Coinpot tokens; that's 21 tokens which are currently worth about 40 Satoshi in themselves.  All the faucet currencies and the tokens convert, with no conversion fee, to any of the others, at any time.  So, claiming from just one makes no sense at all. I keep them all open in a tab I keep minimized.  Claim from them all, convert it all to your coin of choice - trust me you'll get to cash out a lot faster...

2) Cash out often even if it's just to an external wallet like Exodus.  This prevents their "so-called" terrible support from ripping you off a large sum of money.  I recommend holding it in at least a 5% APR account or cold storage.  No shame in cashing out at the minimum, it doesn't cost you anything.

3) I find cashing out more than once an hour to be counter-productive.  You get a lot more redirect pop-ups and captchas.  Also, mathematically speaking since the faucet fills itself at a certain rate, every 1-2 hours seems to be the sweet spot. 

Timing mitigates the ads. Using Brave removes the ads and adds more captchas. I find the least invasive way to claim is 2-4 times a day in a Chrome tab that I leave open/minimized.

Refresh BitFun, MoonDash and Moon Cash faucets before attempting to claim so they don’t make you do the captchas twice!

Hope this helps!

I still say Cointiply is the best earning site but Coinpot is stepping up a bit by adding offerwalls to their faucets, for sure!

I've been using Coinpot for about 4 months now.

I now have 27 withdrawals from Coinpot in a row with another on the way.  I trust Cointiply whom claim Coinpot support is terrible; essentially if anything goes wrong you won't hear from them.  I have less withdrawals from Cointiply, but they are larger - but until now Coinpot didn't offer similar payouts from the same survey sites!

Well, I've never had anything go wrong... not once.  Not with either of them.  Coinpot is actually faster and until recently Cointiply paid way more...

-Thomas Wolf

My Earners:
Cointiply - #1 Earner Faucets:

All Coinpot Faucets Pay 3 Tokens per claim + the claim amount and all convert to any other for free.  It's all Satoshi's.

HideoutTV - Passively pays you for "watching" videos with ads.
Honeygain - Passively pays you for using your extra bandwidth.  No lag.

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My Brokerage App: Robinhood - Free stock when you sign up.

Brave Browser - If you don't already have it you're living under a rock.


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