Coinbase held payment for the first time... Good thing Bitcoin is on its way back up!
Coinbase held payment for the first time... Good thing Bitcoin is on its way back up!

By Thomas Wolf | wickedthewolf | 17 Mar 2020

I received a Coinpot withdrawal about 24 hours ago.  It just got its first confirmation in almost exactly 24 hours.  Coinbase may be holding these payments on me for the first time and I've been getting them for a long while consecutively...
Coinbase Transaction

I wrote previously about how current bitcoin mining fell to a level this isn't profitable at all for miners and as a result we are seeing a major decrease in block mining speeds.

As I projected, the Bitcoin price is re-establishing itself and consequently miners will mine more again, and speed things up again.

I just hope I don't have to wait too long and I am wondering if this is what is causing the Coinbase hold, it appeared to be a "basic" 24 hour hold on an incoming transaction, for no apparent reason.  Imagine getting a large payment and being unable to cash out during a surge or something of that nature!  So, if you are delaying transfers without any reason right now - don't!

Now, on the bright side: Bitcoin has reached the best recovery since the day of the crash and as of right now holds at $5,435 and breached $5,500 already!
BTC Rise

I believe I made the right decision in my invest and HODL strategy and I hope you did as well!

These are... interesting times, are they not?

An hour later I have my payout.  One has to wonder though, what the ****?

-Thomas Wolf


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