Common errors in social media platforms.

Common errors in social media platforms.

By the01crow | the01crow | 18 Jan 2021


Recently I've been writing about the mistakes I've made and that are usually common regarding cryptocurrencies, now it's the platforms' turn I'm not going to cover all the mistakes.

They allow blogging using blockchain as a form of storage, such actions in some platforms are registered in hash and in turn grouped in blocks, in other cases, they are simply tokenized mostly to reward content creators using their currency usually a token or based on cryptocurrencies.

These platforms are a good way to generate income in some cases, if you are a creative person it might not be so difficult to adapt to them, over many years using these types of platforms starting with steemit a successful pioneer in this field, using forks as sweets, similar as whaleshares based on bts wls, or disasters like weku, bearshares, even with a very specific niche as it could be based on eos tokens called trybe whose content was mostly oriented to economics, finance, cryptocurrencies, in its beginnings uptrennd whose token is based on eth called 1up but since quite some time ago they opened more topics to publish, where they went from blogging for a niche similar to to a general one. Another example is publish0x where you can publish about different contents but related to cryptocurrencies.

One of the most common mistakes is not understanding how the platform works, especially in the ways of developing better posts for the visualization of your publications for example:

In users can pay for their publications to appear in highlights, and be fixed as an ad, uptrennd has a similar system, just like hive in peakd.


In the case of publish0x, it works is according to the themes that the platform has in the feed:


This means that only several publications in publish0x, will get more visits and chances of getting rewards only the outstanding publications reach those places, and that's why if you publish topics that are not there you will hardly get visits.

Understanding or realizing these details can make a difference, those details should be one of the first things you look at when you get to a platform. 

What would be the most common mistakes for you?


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