Should there be a culture in the community within a social media tokenized?

By the01crow | the01crow | 3 Oct 2019

The users of the platforms in which the content is valued, either because it is tokenized and has a system in which users can reward other authors, one of the key things in this platform is to give recognition to quality authors, so that there can be some competition between authors to stay up there, acquiring a larger audience, but that is by merit of their skills and dedication in the creation of their content what takes it there, obviously for this to happen there must be a culture of community.

This culture of community within the platform tokenized or based on blockchain, if it gave that recognition to the good authors who make life on the platform, this would attract other users whose quality could be similar and that the impression at first sight is that this is the place where you would find what a content creator is looking for, a greater scope of their topics, and many of these people are specialized in topics, so that good niches could emerge, as long as the platform offers the possibility of talking about other topics, there are some that only focus on a couple of topics, that would limit the number of content creators who could make life there.

Another of the actions that should be carried out by all users of the platforms is to penalize poor content, lacking information and depth on a subject, but also especially spam content, plagiarism, scam, by doing so, it would reduce the possibility of monetizing people who do not deserve to make life within a platform for content creation. This type of action would give greater visibility to those authors who are not so good and who are there every day trying to be better writers, videobloggers.

Always the main problem are the farmers that exist in the platforms, the use of multi-accounts, or simply organized groups to drain the tokens that can be obtained by resorting to practices some too skillful others simply very obvious, actions such as copying a text and translating it, then be published, or other practices which I will not describe since I do not plan to create a school of plagiarists.

Each platform has some plagiarism detection system, some active detectors, use of text comparison bots, others go through a complete revision, some simply seem to lack these functions. Not paying attention to this type of practices ends up damaging the entire platform, since the number of tokens or cryptocurrency that can be taken out and sold in the long run will end up scorning the value.

In some platforms based on Proof of Stake, having the cheap token would mean more voting power, and for content creators, this could be a tool to become trending and get a great visualization, which would translate to more readers so the campaigns you can do could almost always be effective.

But some platform would have an incentive for investors to see that it may be plagued by farmer, plagiarizers and that there are few good content creators seen there, will make large purchases of token, I think not, will be very difficult, help the owners of the platform to better sell their product.

When the same community makes suggestions to the owners of the platforms, it should always be taken into account, since they are the ones who are constantly making use of the product and their criticism will always be for the better, many are great fans of the place where they make life, they are only trying to make more amazing what is great, to correct errors that can reduce that potential.

Another thing that the community should do is invite creators of quality content, or their acquaintances may be good writers, is a skill that can be developed like all things, it's a matter of showing what they're passionate about.

If you live on a social platform based on blockchain, usually required the support of the community to vote some survey for the token to be added to an Exchange, or make diffusion of the account of the platform a simple retweet, a I like, comments, make diffusion in different social networks, forums, talking about when incredible is the platform and clear always giving some guidelines and recommendations so that new users can always be in tune with good practices.

All platforms have different dynamics, but it is important to integrate into the communities, usually moved to discord groups and telegram, and the conversations that can be generated in these groups are amazing, but everything will depend on users making life in these groups.

It is always great that there is a collection of guides and information about where there are different communities within the platform, users usually go to regionalized communities, another cultural action that a community should have on the platforms is that users with more time tend to help new ones.

Maybe this is your first time on a tokenized platform, and it doesn't handle anything about cryptocurrency, exchanges, wallets, and this first experience could mark the before and after for many people, and those of us inside know how difficult it is to try to introduce people to this transparent and immutable world.

That is why the community must create a culture in which it is encouraged to make known what is worthwhile and what should not be banished, depending on the type of tokenized platform, there are curative projects, which are responsible for voting publications, is not a perfect model because there is the possibility of abusing this power, and in part this can centralize and accumulate a certain status for a number of users, but there has to be an incentive for them to be there making active life on the platforms, some platforms that have these projects usually go well, in others simply as in most, some users create contests this encourages user activity, an example of this is the following writing contest:


I would like to know your opinion on the subject you have just read in this publication, leave your comment, for me it is very important because it gives me another approach that I have not yet discovered on what should be the culture of communities in the tokenized platforms.


Should there be a culture in the community within a social media tokenized?

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