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By Kailash Mina | The Crypto Time | 9 May 2021

Hey Everyone, welcomes back to My blog Crypto Times and Hopes you Guys are doing Absolutely good. So This article on the buy Environment Assets - Sustainable Crypto. 

Currently, the world Facing two Problems one is terrorism and the Second is Climate Change. Climate Change is the biggest problem that makes danger for Human Existence on Earth. For Climate Change, Cryptocurrency is also Biggest Factor. Because Mining of crypto Consume Electricity in Huge Amount, which generates the pollution. According to the Report World Economic Forum, the consumption of Electricity by Bitcoin Mining is more than the Electricity consumption of Small countries like Pakistan, Iran, etc. so As a crypto investor or crypto Lover, we have to think about sustainable cryptocurrency. But Question Arises that how to start Sustainable Cryptocurrency then lets start:

There are Two CryptoCurrency UPCO2 and BTC 0, which Available on Uphold Wallet.

How to Buy:
1. Sign up at 
2. Verify Yourself (take only 2 minutes)
3. Add Fund & do Transaction in UPCO2 and BTC 0

Save Nature, Improve CryptoCurrency:  Sustainable CryptoCurrency

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