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By Kailash Mina | The Crypto Time | 18 Apr 2021

Hey Everyone, welcomes to My blog Crypto Times and Hopes you Guys are doing Absolutely good. So This article on creating your NFT (Non Fungible token) in 2 minutes

Non-Fungible Token

Non Fungible Token is the existence in the Digital World as Cryptocurrency based on Blockchain Technology which represents items such as photo, video, audio and digital files.

The non-fungible token is immutable and impossible to change into another art. In NFT, the artist always remains a copyright owner, so the artist can produce copy and sell.

Some Popular NFT which Sold in Millions

  1. Animated Gif of Nyan Cat sold in more than $50000
  2. Musician Grimes sold his art for more than $6m
  3. Twitter Founder Jack Dorsey promote his First Tweet NFT in $2.5m
  4. Digital Artist Beeple for $69m


Start your NFT(Non-Fungible Token)

  1. Create your Account on AtomicHub (Link in Comment)
  2. Click on NFT Creator
  3. Click on Create New Collection
  4. Fill the Details - Collection Name, Market Fees etc
  5. And Click on Create Collection
  6. Click on Create Schema
  7. Click on Create Template and Fill Name
  8. Click on Mint New Assets, Select template, image and number of Copies
  9. Click on Create Assets
  10. Congratulations, You Created your First NFT, Now You can Share, sell your NFT.


Giveaway: ( Deadline 24 April EOD)

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Note: NFT Distribute Randomly

NFT Details

  1. Yttrium Element
  2. Rocker Promo B
  3. Meet Mukhi
  4. Strontium
  5. Curie
  6. Meetmukhi


IF you have any doubt Regarding creating NFT, Comment your doubt or contact me on social Media( Details in Bio)






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