Buy & Sell Google, Amazon, Facebook, Tesla, etc Stock using Cryptocurrency

By Kailash Mina | The Crypto Time | 2 May 2021

Hey Everyone, welcomes back to My blog Crypto Times and Hopes you Guys are doing absolutely good. So This article on Buy & Sell Google, Amazon, Facebook, Tesla, etc Stock using Cryptocurrency

After Reading the Title of This Article, You are Curious about how to invest cryptocurrency in those biggest dream company’s Stock. There are many exchanges like coinbase, kucoin etc but there are just use to trade in cryptocurrency. So Today I introduced an awesome wallet:-

Uphold Wallet

Uphold Wallet is the Cloud-based Digital Money Platform, Which helps to trade between more than 50+ Companies like Google, Amazon, Disney, Facebook, Tesla, etc, and 120+ cryptocurrency, Stablecoin, and 5 precious metals.



Step to Buy & Sell Stokes

  1. Register & login in Uphold Wallet ( Link in Comment Section)

  2. Verify Yourself ( Take Only 2 minutes)
  3. Fund your wallet through Cryptocurrency or bank account

  4. Select any bank Account or Cryptocurrency in To Section

  5. Select any Stoke like Google, Tesla, Amazon Etc in From Section

  6. Click on Transact

  7. Congratulation, Your Transaction is Complete

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