Start Mining Digital Currency on your Phone

By Kailash Mina | The Crypto Time | 4 May 2021

Hey Everyone, welcomes back to My blog Crypto Times and Hopes you Guys are doing Absolutely good. So This article on Start Mine Digital Currency on your Phone.

Pi Network
Pi Network projects also known as the Standford Cryptocurrency project because it developed by the Standford University’s students Dr. Nikolus and Dr. Chengdiao Fan. So Standford university creates the First Cryptocurrency which can mine on your Smartphone. Some of the currency like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and most of the Currency is hard to mine for the common people because it needed a very high setup of Technology and Gas. Pi Network launches in Pi Day(14- May) 2019. Some Sources also called this project as next BTC


Pi Network launches in three phases:

Phase 1: launches in 2019, with a free mining app

Phase 2: launches in 2020, test the Pi nodes in Desktop with the KYC

Phase 3: Will Launched at the end of 2021, so Miner can transact Pi Coin


How to start mining On Smartphone ( Please Read Carefully, otherwise you are not able to withdraw Currency)

1. Click and Install the App Pi Network & the  code is imkls

Note: You will not Complete your Registration without any Code, because of the App policy. So please Enter the code imkls

2. Register with Facebook or Mobile Phone Number

Note: Please enter the Correct name same as your Government Id. Otherwise, you can not able to  Withdraw the currency

3. Enter Code: imkls

4. Complete the Tour and start mining

Note: Click on profile and correct Your Name & email id otherwise you are not able to withdraw currency

Some Question Related to Pi Network

How Mining Work:
Just Register and leave the phone with the open Internet. Just visit Pi network app for 20-30 seconds in 24 hours so that they have known that you are human.

Value of 1 Pi Coin:
Currently, the value of Pi Coin is Zero as like as Bitcoin in 2008. But after launching phase 3. The value of Pi Coin start with the $0.02

Pi Network is the Scam or not:
No, It is not a Scam according to many resources and Standford university Administration. Because Pi Network Backed by World top university Standford.

What if We close the app:
If you close the App, Still Pi Network app mining the Pi Coin. It just needs Internet

Data Privacy and Security Issue of your phone:
Pi network is not connected to any 3 part application that stole your Data. So your phone is fully protected. 

How To hold Pi Coin:
Pi Coin will store in both Pi Wallet and other wallets also


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The link of Application is in the Comment Section, Best of Luck for your First Mining on your Phone

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