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At the start of November, my viewership surpassed 4,000 views for the previous 30 days. This morning when I checked, I was just a few clicks away from hitting 8,000 views. My subscriber base also doubled. My tips have actually tripled in this same time frame, from under $1 to over $3 in Farm and AMPL cryptocurrency. It's not much for now but I'm anxious to watch it grow!

So how did I double my viewership and subscriber base and increase tips in just 60 days? Well, it took a bit of practice and now I'm finally seeing the fruits of my labor. I'd like to share with you how I managed to pull this off. Hopefully, you too can increase your viewership, tips and subscriber base.

The first thing you should do is compose relevant articles for your blog(s). By that, I mean articles that will still be relevant a year from now, or 5 or 10 years down the road. I've composed plenty of articles that get a burst of views for a day or two and then fall to the wayside because they were relevant only for  short period of time. For example, I've written articles on silver price action for a particular day. After a few days passed after publishing, the articles are no longer really relevant. That's ok too. That's what blogs are for but if you want to increase viewership, include relevant articles that will still be getting you clicks years down the road. As you add more relevant articles, you will see your viewership and subscriber base increase.

As a reference, I have 3 blogs on PublishOx, The Brave New World, Tasty Treats and A Brief History Of. Brave New World is my main blog where I'll write about anything but I also like writing historically related pieces and write about cooking and baking as well. See where I'm going? A historically related article might not get you hundreds of hits on the first day after publishing, but over time, could become one of your most successful articles.

My article, A Brief History of The Studebaker Corporation got just under 90 hits on its first day when I published on December 8, 2021. After that, clicks dropped to a few a day but after two months, has surpassed 220 hits and counting. I expect this article to gain thousands of hits over time. Why? Because the keywords (see below) place this article at the top of search engine results. 

The second thing that is very important is cross-promotion. What is cross-promotion and how can you put it to good use?

As you compose and publish more articles, you can engage your readers by adding links to 'related' articles on your blog(s). New visitors will get a chance to check out more than one of your articles and may increase the likelihood they'll start following you. Your present followers too, will get a chance to catch articles they may have missed or didn't have the time to read previously. You can see examples placed at the end of this article. You can also do it surreptitiously behind keywords (see below).

I just did it myself by placing the link above to the Studebaker article. Oops, I just did it again!

This is where things take an interesting turn. 

The third thing you should do is begin monetizing your links. Your personal links are very valuable. You can put them to good use to earn you free crypto on PublishOx by adding an Ambassador extension to each of your links. All PublishOx authors have the opportunity to join the Ambassador Program. On your dashboard, click 'Affilliate Stats' which brings you to the Ambassador Program page, where you'll find your personal ambassador link and the link extension.

How does the ambassador link and link extension work?

If an 'outside' visitor to PublishOx joins the site after clicking one of my ambassador links, I will then earn 5% of all their tips going forward. Their own tips remain unchanged. It's win / win for everyone. It may take time to get recruits to / for PublishOx but your due diligence will eventually start working for you.

Here is my link to the Studebaker article without the ambassador link extension:

Here is the link with the ambassador link extension:

See the difference? Both links work just fine but only one will work to get new recruits and possible monetization. Add the ambassador extension to your links and place a few at the end of your articles and behind relevant keywords throughout as I did with the Studebaker link above. Oops, I just did it again!

The fourth thing you should do is work on those keywords. The right keywords will not only place your articles near or at the top of search engine results such as on Google or Bing (and PublishOx) but also will place your articles in one or more categories within PublishOx  itself. Click 'Explore' at the top of the front page to see all the many categories and sub-categories. The right keywords will place them at the forefront in any category you choose but choose wisely, they should be relevant to the category it is aimed for.

Once you publish your article, it's out there in the synthetic universe we call the internet. The right keywords might attract people from all over the world, any time of day or night, 365 days a year and on and on. Use the right keywords and they will work for you.

These are the four things I think will help you increase your traffic. It worked for me. I hope to double my viewership again by this spring using this template. I should mention before I close off is you might be doing a lot of copying and pasting regarding all your links. Here's a tip on how I'm managing this. If you don't do this, you'll find it very difficult navigating your dashboard trying to copy links to place in your articles.

Create a file on your computer and every time you publish a new article, copy and paste the link to this file and add the ambassador link. Whenever you want to add one or more of these links to new articles, they're right there for easy copy and pasting. 

link manager

I'll try it myself right now with the closing links below. To add a link, highlight a word or line, click the 'link' button located at the top of the editor page and insert / paste the link URL in the popup window that appears and then, click 'OK'. 

By composing relevant articles, adding cross-promotion links and using the right keywords, you should see increased viewership over time and your subscriber base grow as well. Increase the amount of tips by monetizing your links while helping the PublishOx community grow.

Update: Within 12 hours of publishing, I gained 3 new followers, got 19 likes and over 620 views and earned 40 cents in tips. Thank you everyone for your incredible support and to my new followers, welcome and I hope you enjoy my articles. Cheers!

Thanks for stopping by. Please 'like' and subscribe. Tips are greatly appreciated. It never costs you anything. That's what makes PublishOx so great.

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