Theta Edge Node

Trying Out Theta's Edge Node

A week ago, I downloaded and installed Theta's Edge Node on an older computer I wasn't using and let it run to see what would happen. It was all new to me and I wasn't sure what to expect. The installation and execution of the program went very well. I paid the computer a visit a few times a day to see if the node performed any functions and if I'd earned any TFuel and I learned a thing or two in the process.

Theta's Edge Nodes are part of Theta's decentralized network of computers that perform functions such as 'video encoding' and are rewarded with TFuel for their actions. Videos uploaded to can be MP4, MOV or any other format. Theta nodes encode videos so they can be viewed by anyone, regardless of the format.

Theta nodes can also be used to re-broadcast streams with 'Edge Cache'. So far, my node has not preformed this function yet and hasn't earned TFuel as a result. With 'EdgeCast', I also have the ability to start my own live stream but I haven't quite decided what my approach will be yet.

Theta's 'Edge Computing' did perform some functions. After 7 days, my computer performed 5 video encoding operations, each on average earning about 0.18 TFuel for a total of 0.9053 TFuel. Each of the operations were several hours to days apart.

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I noticed the TFuel counter kept slowly going up. It is now at 1.2473 TFuel. What function was the node performing to continuously earn TFuel?

The node's Edge Computing also includes 'Folding@Home'. I did a bit of research and found that it's part of an initiative created in 2000 that now connects over 4 million volunteer computers around the world helping with research in cancer, diseases and even Covid19, resulting in one of the largest super-computers in the world and Theta nodes are part of it. There are 2 settings to run folding@home, medium and high. The default is set at medium. I noticed when I turned it off, TFuel rewards stopped, unless the computer performed a video encoding job. I turned it back on and set to 'high' and TFuel began streaming in again.

The network is very young. The most recent article from Theta stated that around 9,000 nodes had been downloaded so far. That's not a lot considering the grand scheme of things. The Theta network has huge potential to grow so I expect my node to perform more tasks going forward. The 1.2 TFuel I earned is OK for my first week. I hope that number increases going forward and it should as gains in popularity.

I enjoy watching stuff on and earned 3 TFuel since November. TFuel can be transferred to where they can be used to purchase NFTs. You can also buy merch on the with TFuel. My plan is to eventually exchange my Tfuel for NFTs. I find NFT's intriguing. NFTs will last a lot longer than hockey cards, nyuk nyuk.

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I'll keep everyone posted on how my Theta node is performing. You can download your own node here...

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