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CryptoTab Browser Mines Bitcoin For You!

I recall just a few years ago, one fellow somewhere in the USA mortgaged his home in order to buy expensive computers / software to start his own Bitcoin mining operation. I hope it was worth it for him. Since then, things have changed quite a bit regarding crypto mining and no, you don't need to mortgage your home and and buy expensive equipment to get started. Also, you have extra unused bandwidth you pay for every month. Here's a way to put that unused bandwidth to good use.

Welcome to CryptoTab Browser, the world's very first browser with built in mining capabilities. Based on the Chromium platform, it has a unique mining algorithm that allows you to mine and earn Bitcoin using your PC or phone while you're browsing the internet. Leave the browser open even when not in use and continue to mine Bitcoin.

Downloading the software and getting set up takes only a few minutes. I tried this myself and so far, I'm very impressed. The browser really does mine Bitcoin and once you're set up, it starts doing so right away. I used an old PC I had sitting around doing nothing and set it up in the basement, out of the way, where the air is a bit cooler to help my PC run more efficiently.

Mind you, mining Bitcoin using the CryptoTab browser is a slow and tedious process. You've likely read somewhere about the enormous costs associated with mining Bitcoin. I found this out myself when I downloaded the CrytoTab browser and got my little operation up and running. Because electricity is half price overnight in my jurisdiction, the computer is only powered up between 7 pm and 7 am.

After two days and running half time, I've earned about 1.9 cents. I could have just let it run full time to get this amount in one day but the enormous cost of electricity during the day defeats the purpose of turning a profit. So how can I increase the amount of Bitcoin I'm earning?

CryptoTab offers Cloud.Boost which can increase your  mining speed significantly but with a cost attached to it. All they do is change the algorithm to increase your browser's speed. Fortunately, there's another more lucrative way that won't cost you any additional fees. CryptoTab has an affiliate program that could potentially supercharge your Bitcoin mining operation.

Once you've signed up, share your affiliate link with your friends on social media and your email contact list and encourage them to do the same thing wherein they too can supercharge their Bitcoin mining operation. Use your blog on PublishOx and place links in your articles. Your referrals and their referrals and their referrals, generate referral fees in the form of Bitcoin, up to ten levels. Even if your computer were to break down, you'll still be earning Bitcoin via your referrals and their own network / mining ops.

There are now approximately 25 million CryptoTab browser users around the world which suggests that once you get started and then your referrals get started, your mining op can run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and so on. There is the potential for users to grow into the hundreds of millions in a short period of time and this is your chance to get in on the ground floor and build your own affiliate network.

I'm familiar with a few referral programs but I think this one is by far, the most potentially lucrative. I used to be very skeptical of Bitcoin but with a bit of self-education on the subject, now realize Bitcoin's full potential. I do see it going to $1 million per Bitcoin eventually. Only 21 million can be mined and the very last fraction of Bitcoin is believed will be mined somewhere around the year 2140. It's getting harder and harder to mine Bitcoin as time goes on. Getting in now instead of later might actually save you some energy as it will get harder as we move forward in time.

Bitcoin is already guaranteed to be rarer and even more valuable. It is believed that 10% of Bitcoin are lost forever. I'm sure you've heard the story of the guy in the UK who once had 100,000 Bitcoin in a hard drive that his old girlfriend threw in the dumpster. It is now buried deep in a garbage dump somewhere in the UK, never to be recovered again. One site claims at least 3.7 million are lost and or non-retrievable as many owners have lost their 'keys'.

I can tell you that as time goes on, more Bitcoin will be lost. This is a certainty. We can expect Bitcoin to become rarer, driving up its value even higher. This brings up the point of fractionalizing.  Bitcoin can be fractionalized down to 1/1 trillionth. That's only worth fractions of a penny for now but as Bitcoin becomes rarer and increases in value, that 1 trillionth might rise in value far higher than what it's at now.

After two half days of mining, I now own about 39,000 / 1 trillionth of a Bitcoin. A few days before, I had NOTHING! Now, I can actually say' 'yes, I own some Bitcoin'. A tiny little amount for now of course, but it's already far more than most people have around the world, which is zero! I'm already excited to see how much I'll have earned in one year's time.

Help me build my affiliate network and get started building your own network. I believe this is a short window of opportunity. As more people sign up, it'll get more difficult to find new recruits. This is a ground floor opportunity to build a highly profitable Bitcoin mining network without all the expensive costs previously associated with Bitcoin mining.

Click here to get started with your very own Bitcoin mining operation with the CryptoTab browser. Let's work and grow together and share the wealth that is before us. Please share in the comments section below of your experience with the CryptoTab browser.

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